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The American soldiers will work under Windows

on December, 14th at conference Silicon Valley Technology passing in the USA and Homeland Security Summit the prototype of soldier`s regimentals of the future has been shown.
sergeant Chris Avgustin in full regimentals which was obveshan the various computer equipment has been presented participants of conference. As it was found out, all equipment contacts among themselves and to world around by means of a network of wireless data transmission. It will allow soldiers to communicate among themselves, and also to report on the actions in a staff.

among other innovations - system of global positioning (GPS) with the aerial on the right shoulder of the soldier. On a belt of the fighter the computer working under Windows 2000, to the left of it is fixed there is a system of navigation on the basis of processor StrongARM.

the system Prototype has been made of the consumer goods bought in computer shops. Military men will finish testing of the given prototype named Land Warrior, within 6 months and will pass the decision on possibility of application of a novelty in practice, informs KompjuLenta.