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Generals discuss structure of peacemakers

on December, 14th in London the higher military ranks 14 - ti the countries discuss questions of formation of multinational forces which it is planned to direct to Afghanistan.
the meeting passes in a building of the British military department under the chairmanship of the deputy chief of a staff of the Minister of Defence of Great Britain of general Anton Piggota. Representatives of the USA participate In it, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, and also the Muslim states - Turkey, Jordan and Malaysia.

during a meeting the exact quantity of military men which each country will give, interaction questions between them and transfer terms to Afghanistan is discussed. According to preliminary data, total number of peacemakers can make from 3 - 6 thousand persons.

Great Britain which will play an in the lead role in peacekeeping forces, is interested in that the part of a formed contingent has been thrown to Kabul till December, 22nd when the new provisional government of Afghanistan under the direction of Hamid Karzai will start to work.