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Ivanov has arrived in the republic of South Africa

on December, 14th the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivanov has arrived in Southern - the African Republic with 1 - ym official visit.
development 2 - foreign relations becomes the basic theme of negotiations of Ivanov with a management of the republic of South Africa.

in Pretoria the minister is expected by the extensive program. Ivanov will meet the president of the republic of South Africa Tabo Mbeki and 1 - m the president Nelson Mandela. Negotiations with the South African colleague Nkosazanoj Dlamini - Zumoj are planned. At negotiations questions of activization of cooperation within the limits of the international organisations, including the United Nations will be discussed. The special attention will be given interaction in struggle against the international terrorism, in a resolution of conflicts in Africa and in Middle East problem settlement. Predictably, the Friendship treaty and partnership between Russia and the republic of South Africa will be paraphed and the report on cooperation in culture is signed.

Igor Ivanov will take part in a bookmark 1 - go an orthodox temple in suburb of Johannesburg and in a presentation ceremony to veterans of a military wing of the African national congress Umkongo Vesizve . Stay in Pretoria will be the most long during Igor Ivanov`s trip. It will spend here almost 3 days and, predictably, will come back to Moscow in the morning on December, 18th.

the republic of South Africa - last country which Igor Ivanov visits within the limits of the 1 - go tour on the African countries to the south from Sahara. It has already visited Angola and Namibia.