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Representatives of Khabarovsk territory in the Federation Council

in Khabarovsk deputies of a regional thought unanimously are selected on December, 15th have confirmed representatives of the legislative and executive authorities of Khabarovsk territory in the Federation Council. Them of a steel the speaker of a thought Victor Ozerov and the representative of regional administration in Moscow Andrey Chirkin.
Ozerov Victor Alekseevich was born on January, 5th, 1958 in Abakan. In 1979 has ended the Novosibirsk higher military - political school, in 1989 - Military - political academy. Military service passed in Southern group of armies, in Prikarpatsky and Far East military districts. In 1994 it is selected by the deputy of the Legislative thought of Khabarovsk territory. Since 1996 - the councillor of Federation, the chairman of committee of Council of Federation on safety issues and defences, the committee-man of Council of Federation under regulations and parliamentary procedures. It is married, two children.

Chirkin Andrey Borisovich was born on March, 15th, 1961 in the city of Kaliningrad of Moscow Region. Labour activity of the beginnings in 1983 the engineer in scientifically - research institute “Tool“. From January, 1985 till March, 1993 served in armed forces in an officer rank. Since July, 1993 works in permanent mission of Khabarovsk territory at the government of the Russian Federation in Moscow. On August, 4th, 1997 it is confirmed by the first deputy of the head of administration of edge, the head of representation. It is married, has the son.