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eks - the president of France has headed European Union convent

on December, 15th in Bruxelles the summit of member countries of the European union has proceeded. At today`s session the program " has been accepted; the European Union Future the convent for development of programs of reform of the organisation is created and its chairman is selected. The former president of France Valeri Zhiskar d`esten became them.
by Its assistants Dzhuliano Amato and the former prime minister - the minister of Belgium Jean - Ljuk Dean are appointed the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy. The convent presidium included 12 persons, members of the so-called Lakensky group working over creation of the program the European Union Future . The convent will begin work since March, 1st, 2002 and will finish it by June, 2003 representation on consideration of a management of EU of the program of deep reforms of the organisation.

Besides, at today`s session the declaration " has been accepted; About the future of the European union . This document contains offers on division of powers between a management of EU and the governments of member countries, about responsibility of various structures of EU, and also acceptance questions in the European Union of new members.