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Among political prisoners of a mode the Taliban have found out the Russian

on December, 16th the Saudi newspaper Ash - Shark Al - Ausat informs that the new authorities of Kandahar together with hundreds local political prisoners in prison of Kandahar have found out the citizen of Russia.
the inhabitant of Naberezhnye Chelny Ejrat Vahitov has spent in prison in Kandahar two years. It - one of six foreigners of prisoners in prison of Kandahar. The Kabul mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross now comes into contacts to embassies of those countries, which citizens prisoners are.

Ejrat Vahitov, by its own words, two years ago together with the friend has passed the Afghani border around the Uzbek city of Termez. They were going to reach Iran, and therefrom in any other country. On border Vahitov with the friend have been detained by Talibs who have accused them of espionage in favour of Russia. At first them held in Kabul, and then have translated to Kandahar.

Vahitov has declared that Talibs subjected to their tortures and mockeries on purpose to achieve a recognition in espionage. After the beginning of military operation in Afghanistan Vahitova have translated in Kandahar prison. He knows nothing about destiny of the friend and assumes that he has been killed by Talibs.

it on December, 10th under instructions of the head of provisional government of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai from Kandahar prison have been released about 1,8 thousand political prisoners of Afghans. In prison now remained about 250 criminals and 6 foreigners.