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Hearings on business of Sutjagina

in the Kaluga regional court have proceeded on July, 31st the closed hearings on business of the employee of institute of the USA and Canada Igor Sutjagina accused by FSB in
to high treason have proceeded.
as have informed sources in court, indications at present judicial session were given by experts of the General staff of the Air Forces of Russia. One of them, Vladimir Gerasims, has confirmed the conclusion made on preliminary investigation, that I.Sutjagin did not transfer to foreign partners the data concerning the state secret .

the closed judicial session on which one of witnesses on the given case acts Now proceeds.

earlier, on July, 30th, to court the expert on protection of the state secret on Central administrative board of Land forces colonel Sergey Koshelev who has declared that the scientist " gave evidences; the damage of external safety of Russia " has caused;.

As he said, it is a question of an arrangement of parts of constant battle readiness or about places of perspective workings out of high-precision kinds of arms. all it makes elements of external safety of the country, namely they interested Sutjagina - Sergey Koshelev has underlined.

he also has told that accused meaningly collected the information of military character which is of interest for the foreign states .

we Will remind that managing sector military - technical and military - economic policy of the USA at Institute of the USA and Canada Igor Sutjagin has been detained on October, 27th, 1999 in Obninsk the Kaluga region. On November, 5th the same year accusation in high treason in the form of espionage has been brought to it.

According to FSB of Russia, Igor Sutjagin collected and transferred abroad data on Russia military - political and military - economic character, in particular, some data about battle readiness of the Russian nuclear arms and system
preventions of a rocket attack.