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SHpak commander VDV of Russia the general has informed on losses VDV during operation carrying out in the Chechen Republic

on August, 1st - colonel George Shpak has informed that losses air - landing armies during counterterrorism operation carrying out in the North Caucasus (since August, 1st, 1999) have made 282 persons victims and 640 wounded men.
according to the commander, through the Chechen Republic have passed more than 20 thousand commandoes, 49 of them have received a rank of the Hero of Russia. Now grouping VDV of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic totals 2,4 tys the person and consists of two regimental and one batalonnoj tactical group.

commander VDV has noticed that now aggregate number VDV makes 34 thousand persons. 5600 commandoes carry out of a problem abroad - in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Abkhazia - George Shpak has noted.

As he said, in Bosnia the grouping of commandoes totals nearby 900 persons, in Kosovo 2,3 thousand persons, in Gudaute (Abkhazia) - 1100 military men serve.

everyone half a year is made rotation of military contingents. Thus rotiruetsja to 50 % of staff - George Shpak has underlined.

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