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The Chinese authorities have confirmed the fact of flooding of mine

on August, 2nd the Chinese authorities have confirmed the fact of flooding of tin mine in district Nandan Guansi - Chzhuansky independent area in the south of the country on July, 16th.
the representative of management on maintenance of industrial safety of Guansi - Chzhuansky independent area has confirmed the fact of flooding of mine, but has refused to answer questions of journalists on details happened, having noticed only that rescue crews already work on a tragedy place . it will be possible to speak About number of victims only after from mine will pump out all water - the official has told.

according to the Chinese mass-media which still two days ago have informed on tragedy, as a result of mine flooding were lost on an extreme measure of 70 persons, and 130 more remain in the flooded mine. However authorities insisted that messages in mass-media do not represent the facts and Time for carrying out of careful investigation " is necessary;.

According to local television, at the moment of flooding in mine could be to 300 persons. It has been thus noticed that the given mine was subject to closing from - for bad management and a great number of accidents. However local authorities have not executed the instruction as the mine was one of the basic sources of the income of district.