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the Sheremetyevo - 2 has cancelled day charter flights

on August, 2nd it became known that airport administration the Sheremetyevo - 2 since August, 1st has cancelled for uncertain time service of day charter flights during the period from 13:00 till Moscow time.
under an interdiction 10 airlines have got: Siberia Kavminvody - avia Pulkovo AJT Krasnoyarsk airlines Atlant - the Union IRS - avia aviaenergo VASO and Continental airlines .

As the chief of department on Open Society public relations " has informed; the International airport of the Sheremetyevo Vladislav Lebedev, it extremely a compulsory measure it is caused by sharp growth of charter flights of airlines during the summer period, platform repair the Sheremetyevo - 2 Also it is undertaken in interests of regular transportations.

It is supposed that the peak of transportations will fall down by the end of September and then the decision on return to a former operating mode of the airport will be made.

conditions at the airport quiet, any official claims concerning cancellation of charter flights did not arrive - the representative of the airport has noted. As he said, in SHeremenevo - 2 on a public address system changes in the schedule of arrivals and departures of planes, and also about carrying over of flights in " constantly appear; the Sheremetyevo - 1 . All appeared changes are brought in advance to the notice of passengers by tourist agencies serving them.