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William Kennedy Smith does not become the congressman

on August, 2nd in transfer Good morning, America! William Kennedy Smith (William Kennedy Smith), the nephew of senator Edward Kennedy (Edward Kennedy), has declared that will not stand on congressional elections from the State of Illinois in 2002.
originally 40 - summer doctor William Kennedy Smith planned to propose the candidature to the place of the senator - republican Roda Blagozhevich (Rod Blagojevich) which has made decision to stand on a post of the governor of the State of Illinois.

however the statement of a member of a political clan Kennedy about intention to stand for the Congress House of Representatives has caused rough reaction of the American mass-media which have immediately hastened to remind a society of event 10 - summer prescription.

In 1991 mister Smith has been accused of rape 18 - the summer girl and though it has been justified, many were satisfied with the justice decision as any more the first time to representatives of a clan Kennedy is possible to avoid punishment for acts, for which other mortal pay off all life.

in particular, the court over other representative of a sort Kennedy, Robert Kennedy`s nephew (Robert Kennedy) Michael Skejkelom (Michael Skakel), accused of rape and murder the 15 - the summer girlfriend still proceeds 26 years ago.