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Lukashenko were presented to the Central Electoral Committee of Belarus of the declaration on incomes

on August, 2nd by the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (Alexandr Lukashenko) has transferred in the Central Electoral Commission all necessary documents for registration by the candidate in presidents - the statement and seven declarations on incomes and property.
in particular, mister Lukashenko has transferred in the declaration Central Electoral Committee to itself, the wife, mother, the mother-in-law, two sons and the grand daughter as, according to decree earlier published by him, the applicant for a state post of the head is obliged to present to the Central Electoral Committee of the declaration on incomes and property on all close relatives. Spouses, children, grandsons, parents, parents of spouses concern that, grandmothers and grandfathers.

after registration of mister Lukashenko its authorised representatives will receive certificates and will begin work. And, as the head of initiative group of the president of Belarus Nikolay Cherginets recognised, among the signatures which have been handed over in support of the president, there are doubtful: There are cases when the person instead of the passport has written down number of the identity card or the pension certificate.