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To factory ZIL 85 years

one of the largest Moscow automobile enterprises AMO " were executed on August, 2nd; ZIL has noted the 85 - letie.
As have informed at the enterprise, AMO ZIL is the oldest in automobile branch of Russia. For all history the enterprise has let out about 8 million lorries, 39 thousand buses, 11,5 thousand cars, 5,5 million house
refrigerators, 3,2 million bicycles.

date of the basis of the enterprise considers on August, 2nd, 1916 when in Tjufelevoj to the Grove in Moscow Russian merchants Rjabushinsky have enclosed the first symbolical stone in the base of new factory.

in days of revolution and civil war automobile manufacture has been suspended. Only by the end of 1924 it was possible to adjust release of cars. The first 10 truck AMO - F - 15 have been let out on November, 7th.

in 1927 the factory was headed by Ivan Lihachev. And in October, 1931 the conveyor first in the country on assemblage of lorries has been started up.

in days of the Great Patriotic War on a number with trucks and tractors the factory delivered various kinds of arms on front.

in 1972 ZIL became production association which structure included 17 specialised factories. In 1986 - 1987 annual manufacture of cars has reached 200 thousand pieces a year.

in 2001 the enterprise, which controlling interest, belongs to the government of Moscow, plans to let out more than 30 thousand cars, 2/ 3 of which bull-calves . Today on AMO ZIL 74 various updatings of cars " are issued; ZIL .

Workers of the enterprise with 85 - letiem were congratulated by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, naming ZIL a leader of domestic motor industry .