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Ljubimov: a situation around NG it is not necessary to dramatize

on June, 7th the head of the Media union, the first deputy of the general director of ORT Alexander Ljubimov has declared that does not dramatize the situation which has developed in to the Independent newspaper in connection with the decision of its basic shareholder Boris Berezovsky to replace editor-in-chief Vitaly Tretjakova.
We live under capitalism, and should get used that the owner is the owner - Alexander Ljubimov has declared.

It has reminded that all over the world owners when it is necessary for them, leave heads and employees of mass media. As an example it has resulted recent dismissal of Savika Shustera from a post of the head of the Moscow bureau of radio Freedom .

At the same time Alexander Ljubimov considers important, that this sort of conflicts passed more softly . As he said, this one of directions of the appendix of efforts of the Media union headed by it.

Alexander Ljubimov has declared also necessity to make to the legislation on mass-media of change which accurately would define mutual relations between owners of mass-media and journalistic collective. And, as he said, the rights as collective, and the owner of mass-media should be equally protected.

already now for the purpose of prevention of possible conflicts, according to Alexander Ljubimova, owners and employees of mass-media should analyse again the charters and agree about more accurate guarantees of protection of interests of both parties.