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Ermakova will not give the daughter to Bekker

on August, 3rd the former Russian model Angela Ermakova has declared that rejects the offer of known tennis player Boris Bekker (Boris Becker) to give it the daughter.
living in London 34 - summer Angela Ermakova has declared to the German reporters that Boris Bekker in the letter has suggested it to forward the daughter to Munich, where it has a big house and where it could employ the nurse and will more close get acquainted with the child .

About what, interesting, Bekker when offered me, mothers thought, to tear off from itself Anna, to send it to the Bavarian Munich where he would be engaged in its education, and I would remain out of work, - madam Ermakova has declared. - certainly, I have rejected this offer .

Though Angela Ermakova insists, that Boris Bekker cared of the illegitimate daughter, till now all attempts of mister Bekker to see the child came to an end with a failure.

Angela Ermakovoj`s London apartment is under vigilant supervision of English parkway reporters, and the tennis player does not want, that the yellow press pried into its private life.

according to the German newspapers, Angela Ermakova rejects Boris Bekker`s fatherly feelings, most likely, because intends to entice the known tennis player under a sight of cameras and vtridoroga to sell to a press the next history about their relations.