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New tests on lifting " are conducted; Kursk

on August, 3rd in scientific research institute of a name of academician Krylov complex tests within the limits of operation preparation on nuclear-powered submarine lifting " have been conducted; Kursk .
the General director of scientific research institute, academician Valentine Pashin has expressed satisfaction the spent works. As he said, safety factor has made 3/ 1, that is materials have sustained the loadings, three times exceeding workers.

experts of institute, in particular, have conducted cyclic and static tests of natural breadboard models of all elevating system including the strong case, hooks and strendy on actual loadings which this system can sustain.

according to the general director, check should confirm safety of operation of lifting Kursk from the point of view of durability of all elements entering into system of lifting.

the case designs of an atomic-powered vessel weakened by numerous cuts and working in supernumerary conditions have undergone to Tests, in particular, technology of a cutting of apertures in the case of a submarine, a design of elements of elevating devices, and also.

so, the rupture system strendov with increase in working loading from 420 tons to, approximately, 2 tys tons has been shown journalists. Directly during operation working loading on each of 54 strendov will make 770 tons.

as Valentine Pashin has noted, earlier conducted tests not only as a whole have confirmed reliability of the concept of elevating devices, but also have allowed to bring a number of improvements in a design of hooks and have shown necessity of replacement of a material of some elements.

in turn the general director of the central design office the Ruby Igor Spassky has added that, in particular, changes have been brought in a design strendov which tests pass in scientific research institute of a name of Krylov.

he has underlined that all works are conducted on the basis of a consensus between the basic participants of operation - the Navy of Russia, experts of scientific research institute of a name of Krylov and the Ruby and the Dutch company Mammut forthcoming operation being the general contractor.