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Special services of the USA tried to take bin Laden

on June, 1st broadcasting company ABC referring to sources in the American investigation has informed that groups American komandos were some times thrown in Afghanistan for the purpose of capture of international terrorist Osama bin Laden disappearing there since 1996 (Osama bin Laden), however in the last, turning points these operations were curtailed and komandos responded on the bases.

task forces were formed as CIA, and the Pentagon of experts of a corresponding profile, many of which already were in Afghanistan or participated in similar actions in other countries. Operations interrupted, when it became clear that komandos are exposed to risk to be killed or to be taken prisoner to Afghans.

at the moment some such groups constantly keep in a ready state and within several hours can renew the actions in territory of Afghanistan.
the USA conduct hunting On bin Laden since 1998 when under its instructions terrorists had been organised explosions at the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in which result 224 persons have been killed.

annually the government of the USA spends hundred millions dollars for tracking down, grasping or liquidating the international terrorist number one, using for this purpose all possibilities - from space companions to paid informers. For it a head the award in $5 million

is promised