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Bush prepares for a meeting with Putin

on August, 7th the newspaper The Washington Post has informed that employees of the device of US president George Bush (George Bush) have held meeting on the organisation of visit of the president of the Russian Federation coming in November Vladimir Putin on ranch of the American president in the State of Texas.
according to the newspaper, employees of the White house solved, in particular, a problem how to spend on presidential ranch of 500 additional telephone lines and where to place a great number of members of official delegation and journalists who will arrive for illumination of visit of Vladimir Putin.

in the nearest small town Crawford which are in 11 km from ranch of George Bush is not present any motel, not to mention hotel.

now, during summer holiday of the US president, on ranch there are 65 journalists who are compelled suit a temporary press - the centre in sports hall of unique elementary school of Crawford. Some Bush`s the nearest assistants have taken place in the mobile trailer put near to presidential ranch, and all other arrived to Texas from Washington employees of administration and all journalists are compelled to lodge in hotel of the city of Ueko located in 56 km from ranch.