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The USA threaten with sanctions to the Chinese companies

on August, 7th it became known that the US State department has made the statement that the United States will inflict sanctions on those Chinese companies which are engaged in export of rockets and rocket technologies.
such statement was made by the official representative of the White house Richard Baucher (Richard Boucher) after the message that the state Chinese company China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corp exported to Pakistan components of mobile rocket complexes SHahin - 1 and SHahin - 2 .

Thereby China, according to the USA, has broken the agreement reached in November, 2000 according to which China was obliged not to sell to other countries nuclear and rocket technologies.

having underlined that the USA to the full carry out undertaken within the limits of this agreement, Richard Baucher has declared that expect the same answer and from the Chinese party. In the USA assert that from the beginning of year it already the twelfth similar delivery from China, traced by intelligence services of the United States.