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Dorenko`s Investigation of the case is finished

on August, 7th it became known that the investigation of the case of TV presenter Sergey Dorenko is finished. Its lawyers had an opportunity to familiarise with business materials.
as has informed journalists the lawyer suffered (the captain of the first rank Valery Nikitin) Vyacheslav Tsymba, is incriminated to the TV presenter malicious hooliganism with application of a source of the raised danger as tools . This article, according to the lawyer, provides punishment from 3 till 7 years of imprisonment.

the consequence has made all necessary examinations (including biological, kriminalisticheskuju and it is judicial - medical) and have established that Valery Nikitin was traumatised as a result dorozhno - transport incident. On Sergey Dorenko`s motorcycle the blood identical on a blood type of Valery Nikitin, and also the fibres similar to fibres of clothes of the captain have been found out.

we Will remind that incident has occurred on April, 15th, 2001. Sergey Dorenko, going for a drive on the motorcycle on foot paths in a rest zone in Krylatsky, has made intended, according to the victim, arrival on captain Nikitin. It has got serious traumas and has been hospitalised.

after against Dorenko criminal case has been brought, the TV presenter has tried to bring reciprocal action in which asserted that it has been ostensibly beaten by friends of the victim. However, according to Vyacheslav Tsymby, this business is closed for absence of the event .