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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia will protect Dmitry Sklyarov`s rights

on August, 7th it became known that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia continues to take all necessary measures for protection of the rights and interests of the Russian citizen Dmitry Sklyarov detained in the USA.
as the deputy director of department of the information and the press of the Russian foreign policy department Boris Malakhov has given, Russia through embassy in Washington has officially raised the question about clearing of the programmer. And the American company under which claim Dmitry Sklyars has been arrested, has withdrawn the complaint and has addressed to the federal authorities with the request for its clearing.

on August, 6th the Russian programmer has been released on the security in $50 thousand Litigation on its business the Dignity - Jose will take place in Northern California in a city.

26 - the summer Sklyarov working in the Moscow company Elkomsoft has been arrested on July, 16th in Las - Vegase on charge in infringement The law on protection of copyrights during a digital epoch accepted in 1998. To Dmitry Sklyarov still nobody was made answerable for its infringement. The programmer is threatened with the conclusion for the term up to five years and the penalty at a rate of $500 thousand