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Sutjagin there was in prison

on August, 7th a Kaluga regional court once again has refused to change a preventive punishment and to let out from - under guards of scientist Igor Sutjagina accused of espionage.
As the lawyer of the defendant Vladimir Vasiltsov, court " has informed; has not seen the basis for change of Sutjaginu of a preventive punishment, having noticed that that is accused of fulfilment of especially dangerous crime .

According to the lawyer, on August, 7th the court has heard indications of one of experts - the employee of the eighth management of the Joint Staff. The witness has shown that was the organizer of examination of article of Igor Sutjagina about system of an antimissile attack about presence in it of the classified information, however itself research of article did not spend.

predictably, on August, 8th the court will hear indications of one more expert - the worker Scientifically - the research centre of FSB. It, according to the lawyer, took part in the examination spent about an accessory to foreign secret services of two employees of the London consulting firm Alternatives the future with which Igor Sutjagin co-operated.

Managing sector military - technical and military - economic policy of the USA at Institute of the USA and Canada Igor Sutjagin has been detained on October, 27th, 1999 in Obninsk. On November, 5th accusation in high treason in the form of espionage has been brought to it.

FSB incriminates it gathering and transfer of data in the field of creation of nuclear submarines of new generation, and also the data, Russian nuclear arms concerning to battle readiness and systems of the prevention of a rocket attack.

according to the investigation, Igor Sutjagin during certain time kept in touch with the London consulting firm Alternatives the future One of which founders are personnel American scouts, and the firm was only a roof for one of reconnaissance services.