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The Emergency situation in Vladivostok

on August, 8th in Vladivostok session of the regional commission on emergency situations has taken place.
committee-men consider that despite set of the destructions caused by a cyclone, the basic emergency works should be finished by the evening on August, 9th. And the most important problem of repairmen is restoration of the railway bridge on a Trans-Siberian Railway site between Vladivostok and Angular.

as a result of a cyclone in Primorski Krai the territory by a total area more than 300 kv km is flooded, are in full or in part impounded 3,5 tys houses, 70 km of highways, 7 km of a railway embankment are washed away. 9 persons are considered as victims, but as the chief of regional management on affairs GO and CHS the general - major Vladimir Bashkirov considers, the number of victims can increase, as not all flooding areas are surveyed up to the end, and a cyclone, having left Vladivostok, was displaced to the Find and Partizansk.

All on liquidation of consequences of act of nature in Primorski Territory now are occupied nearby 3 tys the person and 200 units of a special equipment.