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Appointment of the mayor of Grozny is postponed

on June, 8th the head of the government of the Chechen Republic Stanislav Iljasov has declared that appointment of the new head of administration of capital of the Chechen republic of a city of Grozny is postponed till next week, as we steadfastly get accustomed to the presented nominees .
the Head of the republican government has specified that three nominees on a post of the mayor of the Chechen capital now are considered, however he has refused to name their surnames from ethical reasons . Most likely, appointment will take place after 10 - go June - Stanislav Iljasov has told. As he said, it is connected with a considerable quantity of questions and increased requirements shown to candidates. Earlier the head of administration of the Chechen Republic Ahmad Kadyrov declared that the nominee of the mayor of Grozny can be defined already to the beginning of June.

the Head of the republican government does not connect resignation of the former mayor of Grozny Bislan Gantamirov with any political reasons or with ostensibly existing opposition between the former mayor and it. On the contrary, - Stanislav Iljasov has underlined, - I supported, I support and I will keep in touch with it . Stanislav Iljasov named the reason of resignation of its former city head physical weariness . The head of the republican government has noticed that Bislan Gantamirov perfectly worked on the post and has left on increase .