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Broadcasting companies of Tomsk have got on a pause

As it became known „“, Management of Federal antimonopoly service (UFAS) across the Tomsk region has convicted local decimeter channels “ Alset “ and “ Aerials “ in infringement of the federal law on advertising which has come into force since July, 1st. According to UFAS, the companies have exceeded admissible volumes of an advertising announcement at an o`clock. Heads of other Tomsk broadcasting companies have concerned problems of colleagues with understanding: “ UFAS should give time for transition to new rules and instead of sanctions to carry out consultations “.
Regional UFAS has finished observance check by Tomsk broadcasting companies of the federal law on the advertising, an advertising announcement limiting time till 12 minutes at an o`clock. Excess have been found out in Open Company broadcasting companies “ Alset “ and Open Company “ Studio “Aerials“ “. “ As a result of single gauging it has been established that the advertising announcement within one hour at “Alset“ has appeared more for 7 minutes and at “Aerials“ for 2 minutes. Besides, they have not cleaned at that point in time a commercial creeping line “ - the deputy chief regional UFAS Igor Butenko has told. As he said, “ infringement has arisen from - for creeping line applications “. The companies practically have eliminated at once infringements. However, as have informed in antimonopoly management, to pay the penalty which under the legislation for legal bodies can make from 40 thousand to 500 thousand rbl., equally it is necessary to all of them. Yesterday mister Butenko has found it difficult to name the size of the penalty.

Open Company Broadcasting company “ Alset “ has the licence for telecasting on 51 - m the decimeter channel. The network partner of the company - TV channel “ House “. Open Company “ Studio “Aerials“ “ Broadcasts on 27 - m the decimeter channel, network partners - Rambler and TV channel “ the Star “.

Checked up antimonopolshchikami broadcasting companies have concerned results of checks on - to a miscellaneous. In a broadcasting company “ Alset “ are afraid that “ the penalty can appear very painful for the company “. In “ Studios “Aerials“ “ on the contrary, do not feel special anxiety concerning claims regional UFAS. The director for television “ Aerials “ Olga Lebold has informed that its company has already eliminated infringements, “ completely having refused a creeping line and banners “. On such extreme measure, as she said, “ Aerials “ has gone from - that “ constantly to trace duration of a creeping line technically inconveniently “ and “ in the contract with the network partner it is underlined that we put its logo that too it is considered advertising, therefore others are compelled to refuse “. “ The law conducts to that these kinds of advertising will leave as those. It will be heaviest to endure it to decimeter channels, but we will try to find qualitatively other forms “ - madam Lebold has explained.
Making comments on claims regional UFAS to decimeter channels, the president of holding “ Tomsk media - group “ where TV broadcasting company - 2 enters, Arcady Majofis has told that “ is better UFAS yet would not do sharp movements “. “ It is necessary to allow for broadcasting companies to adapt time to new rules, not to apply any sanctions, and to carry out consultations “ - he has told. To TV - 2 claims at UFAS have not arisen, according to mister Majofisa, because in a broadcasting company “ in advance prepared for work by new rules, consulted to lawyers “. “ However, with a creeping line yet all is simple, as it is possible on - for a miscellaneous to treat the term „the commercial announcement“ “ - the president of holding has shared the opinion.
I an island of the director of Tomsk branch “ STS - open television “ Alexander Sitnikov considers that “ from claims UFAS today nobody is insured “. According to the manager, its company after coming into force of the new law on advertising “ as a whole has lost on advertising time approximately 30 - 35 minutes a day “. “ It is very notable. I can not tell, how many we will lose incomes because it is not known, what niches will be reduced. But already it is now clear that the rise in prices for advertising is inevitable, though we will try to keep large and not to miss potential average clients “ - mister Sitnikov has told.
UFAS will consider cases about administrative offences broadcasting companies “ Alset “ and “ Aerials “ the decision on the size of penalties accordingly also will make on July, 17th and 21.