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The question price

Each of wars actively influences the at war countries. As a result of the state leave the wars by others. Others leave this war and Israel with Lebanon. The conflict yet has not reached the highest point, and changes in each of the countries already it is available. And the situation in Israel becomes mirror reflexion of the Lebanese situation, and on the contrary.
As to Israel the bolshee pressure renders on it the international community, the absolute war Israelis more resolutely support. If earlier the Israeli left opposed power operations, these days Israeli pigeons reincarnate in hawks . It is most fair of all our wars - representatives of a left-wing party " recognise; Avoda . Today the Israeli opponents of army operation do not have arguments in favour of its immediate turning which they could show to a society. In - the first, in Israel nobody has forgotten that Hezbollah the first has struck on the Israeli territory, having provoked the conflict. In - the second, Israelis understand that neither the international peacemakers, nor army of Lebanon a problem Hezbollah will not solve. Therefore any political force will not risk to oppose actions of the authorities. In general, in the Israeli society the rare unity for it is observed. However, while it is observed.

a similar situation - in Lebanon. When the Israeli aircraft bombs quarters of Beirut, to the political forces operating in the country representing various ethnic and religious groups, not before finding-out of relations in which there has passed a considerable part of the Lebanese history of last decades. So far as the Israeli bombs fly on heads of all Lebaneses without discrimination - sunnitov, Shiits, Christians - maronitov all Lebaneses feel in one boat. Thus, as the main force battling to Israel, not the Lebanese army, and " today is; Hezbollah it geroizatsija in the Lebanese society it is so inevitable, as well as geroizatsija Israeli reservists leaving on front. However, unity of Lebanon which not to get used to dissociation, and a mythological image Hezbollah will remain only for the period of military operations.

when war will end, both in Israel, and in Lebanon there will be the new delimitation, new split. In Israel on a proscenium leave descended with it right - those who remained in party Likud . And then they can show to the present centrist government a serious abacus, having declared to that activization of Islamic radicals from Hezbollah and Hamas became result of a policy conciliation and leaving of Israel in the beginning from Lebanon, and then from the Palestinian territories. As a result we, probably, will appear witnesses of a new fierce coil of race for power whom will follow triumphal returning Likuda and recoil on the second positions of the present party in power - Kadimy . In Lebanon present consolidation will be replaced by painful search of the answer to a question who is guilty in this war. And then for certain there will be also those who will see in insurgents Hezbollah not defenders of Lebanon, and the terrorists who have provoked the conflict. Comprehension of it threatens the Lebanese society which only - only found unity after the long civil war, new shocks.