Rus News Journal


Happy birthday it are congratulated by the chairman of executive committee of party Free Russia Konstantin Babkin:
- the Rostov region today - the indisputable leader of economy of the south of Russia. I consider that in many respects it is a merit of governor Vladimir Fedorovicha Chuba. Regions where there is no oil pipe, should develop processing branches. And when such regions manage in governors especially wise people, the effect turns out even more, than from taken pipes all together. Perhaps, in any other region it is not conducted such consecutive industrial policy, as in Rostov. Still more recently many enterprises of area lay on one side and bankruptcy waited. Today they successful also make profit. Competent social policy is spent to areas, there is a rough building, investment projects are realised. As I wish the governor, Vladimir Chubu the further successes and I believe that it will make the Don edge one of the most prospering Russian regions. And as to the person - love, a sound health, pleasure and happiness.