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The Renaissance television hero

on 54 - m to year of life has suddenly died Yesterday one of the most known Russian TV men, the leader and teleproducer Andrey Razbash. Its sudden death from heart attack became a bolt from the blue for relatives, friends and colleagues who converged yesterday in one: in many respects thanks to it in the end of 1980 - h years the shape of domestic television has cardinally changed, on which Razbash was able to do all.
Andrey Razbash dreamt to be the pilot, as his father and the brother who have been connected with aircraft. It even arrived in flight school, but has not passed from - for a poor eyesight. The echo of this dream was realised in 2002 when Razbash has created the producer company Wings - Media also has removed at once some films about aircraft from a cycle Wings which have been shown on the First channel .

the Career of Razbasha was twisting. In 1977 it has finished the Moscow aviation institute on a speciality the radio engineer then worked in TSKB Diamond prosecuting subjects of management of spy satellites and orbiting stations. it could have an outstanding career, - the member of Academy of the Russian television Anatoly Lysenko who knew Andrey Razbasha more than 20 years on work in youth edition of the Central television and the program ` the Sight ` remembers. - Andrjusha was the fine engineer, and suddenly goes on television the assistant to the director. It all the same that from colonels to be degraded in lieutenants. But here at it all has turned out .

Its colleagues say that during an epoch of reorganisation of Razbash was the best video engineer and the assistant to the director on the Central TV to which leading TV men dreamt to get. Said that technical education and party reprimand hanging on it under laws of the Soviet television of that time prevented to become officially to it the director, and it long was registered on the video engineer of the highest category. For it strove Edward Sagalayev and Anatoly Lysenko, heading then legendary youth edition of the Central television.

the three-serial project " became the first high-grade director`s work of Razbasha in 1988; Children HH of congress which author was working then in molodezhke Leonid Parfyonov. For both it there was a television debut on air of the Central television. The film for acceptable reasons almost has lain year on a regiment. But occurrence time Children HH of congress on air coincides with blossoming of television career of Andrey Razbasha who has become by one of brightest among its colleagues on shop. It was the main director of the legendary program the Sight One of founders and heads of the largest private manufacturer of programs - broadcasting companies the KIND - also has managed to change shape of television of the beginning 1990 - h. After all the Sight it was remembered not only the political urgency, but also a picture the filled brightness and dynamism which on the Soviet television yet was not. After Vlad Listeva Andrey Razbash`s murder not for long conducted its program Rush hour was a producer of others vidovskie programs.

Andrey on television was able to do everything, and ` the box ` it needs - to be able everything, - remembered yesterday in conversation with Leonid Parfyonov. - and the text to write, and in a shot to work. It was such very irreplaceable and very television person . In the end of 1990 - h - the beginning 2000 - h years Andrey Razbash was engaged in producer activity, worked on different channels, has made tens teleprojects, for a new teleseason prepared a premiere for TVTS, was the creative producer of the channel the Star to which lately gave a lot of time. The editor-in-chief Stars Alexander Lebedev has informed that the organisation of funeral of Andrey Razbasha is incurred by the channel and the Ministry of Defence, the owner Stars . It so has much made for the channel ` the Star `, and we will not have not enough it very much - mister Lebedev has declared.

yesterday all colleagues remembered that Andrey Razbash very much loved life, speed, planes, cars. Loved women, and they loved it. It was some times married, had five children from different marriages. Younger, Vane, from marriage with Albina Nazimovoj, Vlad Listeva`s widow, is not present also two years. He always cared of the children and kept kind relations with their mothers. Anatoly Lysenko says that Razbash was the charming person with very characteristic intellectual appearance : to It after all from - for amazing similarities to Nikolay The Second suggested to play reigning in Gleb Panfilov`s film ` Romanovs. A crowned family `, but he has refused, did not want to involve on itself misfortune . Though recently as friends remember, Razbash said that all - taki has agreed to play the emperor in one of teleplays.

it could do all - both entertaining, and political television, - head " has told were vzgljadovets; the Media union Alexander Ljubimov. - Recently we have met, but had not time to discuss our projects as it has been very occupied on the channel ` the Star `. And he to me has told: yes wait, we will be in time, ahead still all life . And the general director the First channel Konstantin Ernest has told yesterday: For our television Razbash was the Renaissance hero: the director conducting, the film editor, the producer, the clear head and a handsome man. It seems to me, the most organic for it the program were ` Wings ` where all its engineering and television knowledge and abilities and to them were combined one more was added, very rare - ability to fly .