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The podzvezdnyj world

is few Today aspects. But it is last day before a new moon when vital energy of an organism is weakened. Physical and nervous loading is counter-indicative. Mental infringements at separate persons are possible.
today last day the next lunar month. It is considered adverse for any new undertakings. Everything that is begun now, can leave in a non-existence. Acquaintances also can not have positive continuation. On the contrary, there are various negative offers and temptations, including in especially business sphere. Before to make the decision and to respond, all think over and do not hurry up.

but to finish affairs it is possible normally especially in first half of day, when the Moon in connection with Merkuriem.

On trips there can be certain difficulties, especially if you begin today travel. Whereas to continue it it is possible without serious consequences. Breakdown susceptibility can raise a little, basically from - for the human factor. Other incidents in the nature, with technics and in a society are possible also.

in business it is possible to get money for last work, it is possible to prepare tax reports, to carry out obligatory payments.

for private life day is unpromising. It is possible to make a pause in intimate sphere. It is not necessary to strike up acquaintances. It is not necessary to undertake responsible steps to home life, and also to do large purchases.

it is not necessary to put and replace plants. However it is possible to spend gathering of production of agriculture or wood gifts, to carry out preparation.

the new moon will occur tomorrow in 8. 30 mornings Moscow time. To it to begin anything it is impossible, but also right after intense aspects still prevail.

Arieses should analyse the information concerning real estate, housekeeping. It is possible to be engaged in daily domesticities.

Tauruses need to understand the business information and papers, to finish the next stage in work. It is possible to execute short trips.

twins should put in order financial affairs, to make necessary payments, to pay off with debts.

cancers should not give in to negative emotions. For today it is necessary to lower all kinds of loading.

lions should consider the and collective plans for the future. If necessary it is necessary to try to extract the secret information, but it is delicate.

maidens should correct personal and collective plans taking into account the new information. But today only the analysis and to operate still early.

Scales in professional sphere can receive the information, allowing to correct current work, including to solve a number of old questions.

Scorpions should reflect on the future travel and the future study. Day is successful for the analysis of references.

Sagittariuses should be accurate with the finance, especially another`s. Will pay off debts, pay taxes. Avoid adventures in personal sphere.

Capricorns can have the conflict to some of partners. Be careful with documents, contract obligations.

Aquarius should protect health and observe accuracy in work. Do not break technology. Problems with subordinates are possible.

fishes should avoid adventures in monetary and love sphere. Do not run into passion. Protect children.

on July, 26th Tuesday
this day a new moon and aspects strained. Therefore it is not necessary to spend a lot of energy. It is not necessary to hasten. Avoid organism overloads. It is most vulnerable warmly - vascular system.

the New moon occurs in 8. 30 Moscow time. In such day it is good to plan on the future. But to begin new affairs in practice while early as the Moon will make intense aspects with Jupiter and Saturn. It specifies in probable obstacles in public life, ethical, ideological and formal. It will be difficult to receive necessary documents. It is necessary to adhere to careful tactics in financial sphere, including in work on commodity and stock markets. to bulls and to bears now it is difficult to win each other.

on trips delays are possible. It can be demanded to lay a new route. Pay much attention to correctness of registration of documents necessary for travel.

incidents can take place, their probability average. To especially dangerous this day does not concern. But to be careful in dangerous places it is necessary. The probability of excesses in this and odd-come-shortlies, in particular, is raised around Moscow, Sochi, Abkhazia, and also in England and France.

in leisure sphere, for employment by art and sports a situation usual, average. It is possible to do purchases, though the large and responsible are better for postponing for a weekend.

mutual relations will be subject to fluctuations. There can be conflicts from - for distinctions of sights, ideological positions. Avoid to show the raised ambitions. It to the full concerns and private life. And feelings while can be not too bright.

new affairs can be begun already tomorrow evening and on Friday morning, but it will be absolutely good to do it on Sunday.

Arieses can plan the creative employment and sports trainings on the future. It is useful to carry out now the logic analysis and in the field of love.

Tauruses should consider necessary and desirable changes in the house life, in real estate sphere, in family questions.

twins can plan the future trips, study, work with the information. Day approaches for literary work.

cancers should strike financial balance, plan and correct the future expenses and incomes.

lions should not show excessive pride and ambition. Besides, be more attentive to rules and documents.

maidens need to analyse the latent sources of the information. Do not start to operate, without having found out all circumstances.

scales should discuss collective plans for the future with friends and colleagues. Try to balance interests of all participants of group.

scorpions can have complexities in public sphere. Do not aspire to the power and influence, be engaged in achievement of the personal purposes.

Sagittariuses can have complexities with the large finance and in policy area. But it is possible to begin preparation for the future travel.

Capricorns should be attentive with another`s and collective finance. Not all will turn out and in private life. Try to be more emotionally opened.

Aquarius can have complexities with business partners, in public life. In disagreement personal contact will settle easier.

fishes can be engaged in improving physical culture. Day approaches and for daily work, only be not overloaded with it unduly.