Rus News Journal

The world invites on July, 24th

24. 07 26. 07 Fathers Frost Annual international congress, Santa - Klausov and Christmas elfov in Klampenborge (Denmark). Fathers Frost take part In the congress from the countries of Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan. Six months prior to New year they meet in entertaining park Bakken to discuss problems of the hard work, to solve professional questions, for example, a problem of improvement of parking spaces for sledge on roofs of houses and improvement of quality of cleaning of flues. After fruitful discussions they take part in Christmas dinners, street parades and every possible shows.
24. 07 30. 07 festival Equestria in Tarbe (France). the city of Tarb Located in the Pyrenees is famous for the experience in preparation of high-class equestrians. Therefore here the festival devoted to horses is annually held. The French society of experts participates in holiday carrying out in the field of riding and cultivation of horses. In the program of festival demonstration performances of equestrians, circus representations and every possible shows.

24. 07 30. 07 aeroshow in Oshkosh (the State of Wisconsin, the USA). Air representation will pass in the field of regional airport Uittmana in Oshkosh. In performances will take part more than 15 thousand civil and military planes. In the program also display of ancient aviation technics, indicative flights and aerobatic manoeuvres, seminars and conferences on questions of development of aircraft.

21. 07 30. 07 festival Fleetinsel in Hamburg (Germany). This popular festival passes on coast of the channels connecting the river Elba and lake Alster in the centre of Hamburg and, thus, covers almost all large city streets. The musical, dramatized and circus representations collect ten thousand spectators. Fair on which it is possible to buy fashionable clothes, jewelry, tasty meal is here too developed.

21. 07 30. 07 the international jazz festival Beaches in Toronto (a province of Ontario, Canada). Concerts of a traditional and modern jazz within the limits of festival pass on the bank of lake Ontario in park Kju - Gardenz. Besides, in the program street festivals, seminars, sections, craft fairs, actions for children.