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past Saturday the British publishing house Ian Fleming Publications Ltd owning the rights to products Yana Fleming, declared that the centenary of the author of books about James Bond will be noted by an exit of the new novel about adventures of the well-known agent 007. The plot and even a name of the author of the new novel keep in a strict secret.
for the life Jan Fleming has written more than ten novels about the agent 007 first of which, the Casino ` the Grand piano ` has been published in 1953, and last two - Osminozhka and Sparks from eyes - in 1966, in two years after death of the writer. Exact number of the novels written by mister Fleming, experts refuse to name, from - for doubts in authorship concerning one of novels - the Fireball .

After death Yana Fleming its successors have organised Ian Fleming Publications Ltd, and some writers, including such known as Kingsli Emis and John Gardner, obtained the permit to continuation of a series of novels about the well-known spy. In total novels about the Bond have dispersed on the world in circulation in more than 100 million copies.

the plot of the new novel and even a name of its future author in publishing house keep a secret. It is known only that the book will be written by May, 28th, 2008, and its author - known and very respected the writer. we are glad that could agree about the novel with this writer. We had it some years in a kind - Turner, hinted quotes London The Daily Mail the representative of publishing house Korinn that the full freedom of action in that, as to the novel maintenance is given the author: We with impatience expect its attempt to write about James Bond and are assured that it will be simply tremendous novel .

Valaam in gallery On Soljanke
In the Moscow gallery On Soljanke Sergey Kunkina`s exhibition " has opened; Impressions. Valaam . Presence on an opening day of representatives of a diplomatic corps - ambassadors of France and Belgium, and also the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Yastrzhembsky - not only a tribute of corporate politeness (Sergey Kunkin - not only the photographer, but also the diplomat) have come. For any foreigner a word Valaam is seductive - the legendary monastery at first profaned by Bolsheviks, and now again returned to church, in a combination to beauty of a northern country for a long time became one of the main Russian tourist baits. Yes that foreigners - our pilgrims go on island in Ladoga lake the whole ships. For the photographer such well-known place simultaneously both a treasure, and a trap: it is difficult to be kept from pathos, it is difficult to find a point, from which hundred predecessors any more would not remove the impressions . Sergey Kunkina`s photoimpressions, colour also it is black - white, only are at first sight traditional. It has concentrated on compositions with the tree which has turned black from time, with boulders in the transparent water penetrated cold, but a shining sun, the sunset sky on which it is played ezhevechernee drama representation of sunset over Valaam.