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Tariff races

the order of the regional power commission (REK) the Omsk region about increase of the limiting tariff for transportation of passengers by public transport of Omsk Today has come into force. According to mayor Victor Shrejdera, it is real tickets in city buses will rise in price about 6 rbl. to 8 rbl. in the beginning of August . At the same time the main competitors of public transport - private carriers of Omsk to raise the prices do not gather yet. According to businessmen, refusal of participation in tariff race will bring to owners gazelles additional dividends - increase in a volume of passenger traffic.
order REK across the Omsk region About an establishment of the tariff for transportation of passengers and luggage city automobile and electric transport which has come into force today, has been signed on July, 1st. However town governor Victor Shrejder has taken a fortnight break on fare increase in public transport of the regional centre with 6 to 8 rbl. As he has informed past Thursday, tickets in city buses will rise in price in the beginning of August .
Against growth of tariffs for journey deputies of Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have already acted. I will not remember, that to someone for last year really by third have increased the salary. This antisocial decision, it in any way economically is not defensible, and we will achieve from Office of Public Prosecutor of an estimation of legality of its acceptance - the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region Andrey Alekhin has declared.

the Municipal park of Omsk of transport totals 850 buses (200 from which belong to Open Society PATP 2 ) 170 trolley buses and 75 trams which work on 122 routes. Besides it in passazhiroperevozkah 1,5 thousand officially registered fixed-route taxis of private businessmen are involved. Daily municipal transportation services use more than 1 million passengers.

Despite anger of deputies, officials REK are assured of validity of the actions. tariff growth has made only 16 % a year. In this time expenses of transport workers on the electric power and fuel have grown accordingly on 22 % and 35 %. In structure of the cost price of journey these articles make 70 %. We are engaged only in economic justifications. Municipality and deputies can establish and smaller fare - chairman REK Valentine Korolev has informed. As he has underlined, REK establishes the limiting size of the tariff, real cost of the price for journey can be less.
we Will remind, under the charter of Omsk which has come into force since January, 1st, 2006, tariffs for services of the municipal enterprises are established by municipality, before they were defined by deputies of city council (GS). On July, 5th current year at the initiative of officials of the mayoralty of Omsk by a majority of votes deputies GS have approved a new order of an establishment of tariffs for services of the municipal enterprises. On it will regulate limiting cost of passenger transportations on a municipal transportation not goradministratsija, and REK.
Last time tariffs for journey in public transport were reconsidered in April, 2004. Then the prices for services not only public transport, but also private fixed-route taxis have grown. Increase was accompanied by scandals - the majority of private carriers have established fare at a rate of 10 rbl. that has caused the present chaos in the market.
this time the main competitors of public transport - owners of fixed-route taxis to raise tariffs do not gather. According to the chairman of the board of the Omsk union of autocarriers (the WASP, unites about 1,5 thousand carriers) Andrey Fedorova, eight roubles - price quite arranging us . nobody cancelled Laws of a dumping. Many fixed-route taxis carry till now passengers on five roubles. In the near future we will not prove in REK tariff increase - Feodor`s mister has underlined. According to carriers, at fare equal with public transport the number of passengers of fixed-route taxis considerably will grow. we already passed it, when tariffs for public transport raised to 6 roubles (journey to a fixed-route taxi also cost 6 rbl. - ). Then to 15 % of passengers have changed on fixed-route taxis. I think that the situation will repeat and this time - has given the forecast of succession of events Andrey Fedorov.
Anton Medvedev