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It is necessary to Belarus is unsweetened

As it became known, heads of four subjects have sent addressed to Michael Fradkov of the letter into which it is offered to enter countervailing duties for import of sugar from Belarus and to strengthen customs control over sugar deliveries from neighbouring country. Most likely, it will accelerate acceptance by the government of offer MERTa about duty introduction on the Belarus sugar on 8,1 % since 2007 for three years.
heads Tatarii, Bashkiria, the Oryol and Penza areas have addressed in the government with the request to put things in order in the sugar market. In letters addressed to premieres - the minister (copies are available on hand) it is noticed that against harvesting... In the domestic sugar market sharp falling of the prices for sugar is observed: factory price has decreased about 21 rbl. for 1 kg to 14 rbl., i.e. to level below cost sveklovichnogo sugar .

According to regions, the main reason of falling of the prices - In accruing volumes of deliveries of white sugar from Belarus . In 2005 manufacture sveklovichnogo sugar - 399 thousand tons, in 2006 - 450 thousand tons, thus internal requirement of Belarus makes 350 thousand tons a year, - it is marked in the letter signed by the Bashkir president Murtazy Rakhimov. - import of the Belarus sugar to Russia has grown with 2002 - go for 2005 from 328 thousand to 401 thousand tons . In the absence of restrictions from the Russian side of delivery of the Belarus sugar can increase to 500 thousand tons, mister Rakhimov is afraid.

according to Federal customs service, from January till September, 2006 to Russia it has been imported 2,139 million tons of sugar of a raw, 83,6 thousand tons of white sugar. In 2005 import has made 2,893 million tons of sugar of a raw, 144 thousand tons of white sugar. But this data does not consider deliveries from Belarus, has noted in FTS.

the Basic measures for correction of a situation heads of regions name introduction of the customs duties, restoration of full customs registration of the Belarus goods, an obligatory unloading of all Belarus sugar for control of its origin. However, employee FTS is perplexed, except the customs duties almost all measures already operate: cargo Registration occurs strictly on one customs post where there is a full unloading of the goods on a warehouse of time storage (SVH, enters into a customs post #2 ` Troekurovsky ` the Moscow western customs), samples for carrying out of analyses in the Central customs laboratory are taken each party about its origin " is checked;.

Letters of heads of regions have arrived in the White house as it is impossible by the way. In the end of October of Ministry of economic development and trade has directed on the statement to the government the decision project about introduction of a countervailing duty for import of sugar from Belarus at a rate of 8,1 % from customs cost, but it is not less $39,5 for ton. Now under the intergovernmental agreement Belarus saharoproizvoditeli can import into Russia duty-free the production if volumes of its manufacture exceed requirements of home market of Belarus.

on import sugar the duty of $270 on ton plus of the VAT of 10 % from July, 1st, till December, 31st is raised, representative FTS has informed. We quite accept introduction of countervailing duties for three years, - the head of department of an agrarian policy and wildlife management of the Oryol region Vyacheslav Serov recognises. - If the customs rate will be entered, we will be in identical conditions with the Belarus manufacturers, but they should pay even for production transportation to Russia . Considering difficult relations of Russia and Belarus in questions of deliveries of energy carriers, probability of that the duty on import of sugar from Belarus will be established, sharply increases.