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the String-bag the Small Moscow trading network " has got to Novosibirsk

; the String-bag has dared at branch opening in Siberia. As it became known , the first shop of this company should appear in Novosibirsk in December of this year. It is supposed that all them it will be opened not less than 10. Thus participants of the market doubt possibilities String-bags to occupy a little significant share of the local market, and experts believe that capitalisation escalating before business sale can be a main objective of the Siberian expansion. That the String-bag intend to open the first Novosibirsk shop till the end of this year, the employee of one of the wholesale companies on trade in drinks has informed on the condition of anonymity. As he said, representatives of the Moscow network carried on with its firm negotiations for deliveries. In total the String-bag promises to open in Novosibirsk of not less than 10 shops. At the Moscow office of the company this information did not begin to deny, however the developed comments have refused. According to participants of the market, building of such network will demand investments in size at least 300 million rbl.
Under the information , the first Novosibirsk the String-bag will appear in a trading complex the Family which opening is planned for December of this year. In the company Novosibirsk Promstrojproekt engaged with selection of tenants for TTS, have confirmed that the lease contract with the String-bag it is already signed. The area of food shop in to the Family makes 1,4 thousand in sq. m (total area TTS about 8,5 thousand sq.).
the Network of grocery shops the String-bag it is based in 1999. Network shops are positioned as supermarkets also are located in Moscow and Moscow suburbs. In total as a part of the company 26 shops now work. For the first time the information on intention String-bags to enter the Novosibirsk market has appeared still two years ago. Since then terms of opening of the first shops were some times transferred. For example, TTS the Family should earn even in the spring of this year.
participants of the market doubt that the String-bag can count on success. in a niche of supermarkets and democratic supermarkets in Novosibirsk some the strong companies already work, will compete with which to the beginner difficult - the director for corporate governance of a group of companies " considers; Sensation (operates, in particular, a Novosibirsk network of supermarkets Pjaterochka ) Alexander Ageev. Under its information, the String-bag carried on negotiations for purchase with several small (4-5 shops) the Novosibirsk companies, however so with anybody has not agreed.
experts consider that to business development in Siberia the String-bag the growing competition in the capital market pushes. String-bag - a small network. To survive, she should search for the new markets for development, with lower competition - the analyst of the investment company " considers; finam Sergey Filchenkov. Retail expert Sergey Romanov adds that the cumulative share local grocery ritejlerov now does not exceed 30 % in the general goods turnover. the place still is. In the presence of technologies and management to open 10 shops quite really - mister Romanov considers. and if the String-bag will be on sale that is quite probable, presence of actives in Novosibirsk considerably will increase its value for buyers - Sergey Filchenkov adds.
Stanislav Sokolov, Novosibirsk