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Yesterday the mayoralty of Tomsk has declared the competitive schedule readiness to hold competitions among private businessmen on the right of transportation of passengers on already operating routes. On it drew the area management, demanded to unload transport highways in city centre. Carriers agree with necessity of such step, but consider that the mayoralty should admit them to formation of prizes. Yesterday at session of committee on transport Tomsk gordumy the vice-mayor, the chief of city department of road building, an accomplishment and transport Vladimir Okkel has declared that on November, 15th mayor Alexander Makarov will sign the decision about competition carrying out on the right of transportations on six of 38 city routes. “ for the first time highly profitable routes will be exposed by one prize with nizkorentabelnymi “ - the official has underlined.
Under its data, on the first competition routes Ή11, 25 and 26 with rather high profitability (they pass through city centre) and routes Ή6, 18 and 77 - with rather low will be exposed. Routes of both categories will be united on two in three prizes. “ on competition those routes on which complex investigations are already carried are exposed, technical projects are generated. There, in particular, it is specified, what capacity there should be a bus (“ pazik “ or supersize) that on an old age should transport pensioners for 5 Those rbl. who has three infringements of rules of transportation, to competition will not be supposed “ - mister Okkel has explained. He recognised that the mayoralty has started working out of these documents after in April the country council on safety has demanded from the city authorities to reconsider the scheme of movement of shuttle buses and to hold competitions among carriers.
According to committee on an accomplishment and transport gordumy, in Tomsk 872 shuttle buses which transport 126 million passengers a year work. The volume of the market of routeing transportations makes 1,2 mlrd rbl. a year. Representatives of private carriers consider the decision of the city authorities “ reasonable “ but complain that the mayoralty does not consider their opinion at formation of prizes. “„ The Tomsk transport union “(the organisation, uniting carriers. -„ “) 10 days ago has directed to the mayoralty the reference about inclusion of representatives of routeing business in working group on formation of prizes. Under it all foremen of shuttle buses, but the answer we have subscribed and have not received “ - the president of the union Dmitry Guljakin has declared„ “. It has reminded that representatives of the union are included into working groups of regional administration on change of the routeing scheme of the suburban message and severskoj administrations.
in committee on an accomplishment and transport gordumy consider that the city authorities will hold competitions impartially. “ market repartition will occur, but deputies will not participate in it “ - deputy Alexander Days has declared. “ it will not be repartition in interests of in advance designated persons “ - the speaker gordumy Nikolay Nikolajchuk has promised.
Natalia Volosatova, Tomsk