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The authorities of Tuva have sold too cheap with “ Garudoj “

to Kyzylsky Open Society “ the Trading house “Garuda“ “ it was not possible to prove in arbitration court of Tuva that the information of the local newspaper “ Information-plus “ about sale by the republican authorities of 51 % of actions for 2,2 million rbl. at market price more than 100 million rbl. has caused a damage of business reputation of the company. A management “ Garudy “ intend to appeal against against the arbitration decision. Scandal round privatisation of the trading house was not reflected in plans of the Tuva officials which till the end of the year intend to sell the remained 49 % of the trading house. The arbitration court of Tuva has refused to Open Society TD “ Garuda “ in satisfaction of the claim to kyzylskoj to the newspaper “ Information-plus “. The trading house demanded a refutation of the data containing in article “ Purchase of the Trading-exhibition centre has made Sata the richest Tuvinian “ published on March, 1st this year. As a material of journalist Sajana Mongusha affirmed that a building “ Garudy “ it has been sold to businessman Saldytu Satu at cut price “ as a result of arrangements with the Tuva officials “. “ the Starting price of 51 % of actions of profitable enterprise in cost more than 100 million rbl. have for some reason estimated all in 2,2 million rbl. “ - it was told in article. Thus the author referred to results of check of Audit Chamber of republic.
the trading house “ Garuda “ was aktsionirovan in 2003. The company posesses a building of the largest trading-expocentre Kyzyl the area of 3,1 thousand in sq. m which is leased. The company turn in 2005 has made about 20 million rbl. of 51 % of actions of Open Society belongs to businessman Saldytu Satu, the others are in the republican property. In Open Society “ the Trading house “Garuda“ “ have considered that the publication has caused a damage of business reputation of the company. But, as judge Andrijan Handy has informed, the claimant in full has not presented proofs of it. “ satisfaction of the claim it has been refused. The representative of Audit Chamber of Republic Tuva who has presented the letter sent in edition participated in session. The author of article used conclusions which in it contained “ - mister Handy has noticed.
When in the beginning of 2006 deputies of a great hural of Tuva have started the statement of the plan of privatisation, was found out that in the government property there were only 49 % of actions TD, the others have been transferred mister Satu. Having checked up the documentation, the Audit Chamber has come to a conclusion that TD “ Garuda “ has been sold not at the market price.
“ we will appeal against anyway against this decision. On what basis to us it is refused satisfaction of the claim, not clearly as we yet have not received a judgement “ - has informed „“ the lawyer of Open Society TD “ Garuda “ Irina Dukten-ool. As she said, “ From the moment of the beginning of hearings respondents so never also were not in court “. However, according to the editor-in-chief “ Information-plus “ Elviras Lifanovoj, “ absence of journalists at hearings is a business of a principle “. “ We do not bear responsibility for this text, in article the Audit Chamber data is only published. We did not put any damage of reputation or moral harm “ - she has declared.
scandal with sale of 51 % of actions “ Garudy “ has not affected plans of the Tuva officials to privatise the trading house. “ no infringements on sale of a building are present. Till the end of the year we should sell the remained 49 % of actions of the enterprise “ - has informed the chief of a sales department of agency on management of property of the government of republic of Ljubov Skripalchikova.
Nonna Goncharenko,
Alexander Konovalov, Krasnoyarsk