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Sergey Kogogin will get Autovases

General director KamAza Sergey Kogogin has made decision to head Autovases. The official announcement can be made this week. Personnel shift, possibly, will lead to introduction of uniform management for two car factories. However, it is not excluded that to appointment of mister Kogogina will interfere with Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation as uniform management contradicts plans of the ministry of carrying out IPO of KamAZa. As has informed the high-ranking source close to KamAZu, the general director of the enterprise Sergey Kogogin has made basic decision to head Autovases. It is expected that he declares it to labour collective KamAza this week. Now mister Kogogin is in holiday in the United Arab Emirates and, predictably, leaves holiday today.!
the Press - the secretary the Autovase Ivan Skrylnik named the information on Sergey Kogogina`s transition on Autovases hearings. The director for the information policy KamAza Vladimir Samoilov has declared that the final decision about it is not accepted yet - it is ready only on 60 % . In opinion of head Rosproma, the councillor of directors Boris Alyoshin`s Autovase, Sergey Kogogina`s transition to Autovases would be justified, as it is the first class expert .
According to the source , Sergey Kogogin has received the offer to head Autovases from general director FGUP Rosoboroneksport Sergey Chemezova still one year ago, that is right after arrival of managers Rosoboroneksporta on Autovases. In the autumn, after management company creation the Corporate centre Autovases (belongs to factory on 100 %, carries out functions of the general director!) Mister Chemezov has suggested Sergey Kogoginu to become again the first person on the Autovase.
according to the interlocutor , Sergey Kogogin declares not that leaves KamAZ in connection with transition to Autovases, and readiness to head at once two enterprises. The administrative scheme for these purposes is not confirmed yet. According to the source , Autovases and KamAZ, in particular, consider possibility of creation of a uniform management company for two factories. If this variant is approved, shareholders the Autovase and KamAZa at extraordinary meetings will transfer again created UK functions of an individual executive office, and Sergey Kogogin becomes its general director.
under other version, mister Kogogin can become the head of Open Company the Corporate centre Autovases and on KamAZe remains as the chairman of board of directors (now it is occupied with head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko). In this case appointment of mister Kogogina as the head of the Corporate centre Autovases the Autovase can already take place on November, 27th on board of directors.
thus, under control of mister Kogogina there can be manufacturers of cars largest in Russia (Autovases occupies about 40 % of the market of sales) and heavy trucks (KamAZ - 37 %). A cumulative gain of two factories - about $7 billion
According to the general director of the consulting company Hatch - RBS Alexander Liberova, at the expense of consolidation of management of AvtoVAZom and KamAZom under Sergey Kogogina Rosoboroneksport hopes to receive control over both enterprises without the direct repayment of their actions. If Autovases already is under control FGUP the destiny of KamAZa now dares. The largest shareholder KamAza is Rosimushchestvo (34 % of actions), and the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Herman Gref repeatedly declared that the state block of shares follows to spray During IPO. A variant of management of KamAZom under Rosoboroneksporta completely contradicts these plans. Thus, summarises a source in the government of Tatarstan, Herman Gref will oppose for certain to Sergey Kogogina`s appointment. However, at MERTa there are no representatives in board of directors KamAza and as representatives of Minpromenergo will vote, it is not known - in the ministry on a situation do not make comments.
thus Sergey Kogogina`s arrival on Autovases will have ambiguous consequences and for this factory. In particular, the source on KamAZe asserts that Sergey Kogogin will result with itself the command of managers and personnel shifts will concern first of all services of sale and supply by factory. According to mister Liberova, it can mean that Autovases are expected by the next struggle for distribution of quotas among dealers. From the moment of arrival on factory of a command from Rosoboroneksporta The management of the marketing block changed three times, the largest dealer had been without assigning any reasons made the capital dealer company Eleks - the Pole and to an early autumn of Autovases has faced serious crisis of sale. In warehouses at dealers the monthly volume of realisation - 60 thousand cars has accumulated.
Besides, Sergey Kogogina`s arrival the Autovase with foreign partners can brake also negotiations. The factory since spring carries on negotiations with French Renault (for creation of impellent manufacture) and Canadian Magna (about working out of new models), however possibility of arrival of Sergey Kogogina already became the reason of their delay. Under data , last Wednesday the board of directors should confirm Renault and Magna the basic partners, however from - for confusions in management it has not been made.
Dmitry Belikov,
Louise Ignatyev