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To Vladimir Putin have reminded of the Caucasian mentality

Public organisation Adyge hase has addressed to Vladimir Putin with the request to leave for the second term the head of Adygea Hazreta Sovmena. According to active workers of the organisation, supported with references of veterans and art workers, promotion procedure on a post of the president of the rector of Maikop technological university Aslancherija Thakushinova contradicted norms of the Caucasian ethics and mentality .
the Decision to address to Vladimir Putin was accepted at council session Adyge hase past Saturday. Thus the organisation has expressed disagreement with the nominees offered on a post of the president of Adygea by the plenipotentiary of the president in Southern federal district by Dmitry Kozakom (the main applicant for this post the rector of the Maikop technological university Aslanchery Thakushinov which nominee has been put officially forward " is considered; an United Russia ) . Members Adyge hase consider that the consultations carried out by the plenipotentiary of the public, as well as rating voting in parliament on a nominee of the future president in work of the operating head of republic, contradict norms of the Caucasian ethics and mentality .

Besides, a press - service of the president of Adygea Hazreta Sovmena has extended the statement that some tens representatives of art intelligency and professional creative collectives (including heads of Russian and Adygea drama theatres, republican libraries, dancing collectives Nalmes and Islamej artists and composers) too have directed the reference to Vladimir Putin with the request to renominate Hazreta Sovmena to the second term. Sovmen is pure and the honest politician, - is told in circulation. - it has declared open war of corruption and to a crime .

According to the Adygea public, with arrival of mister Sovmena (in 2003 were zolotopromyshlennik has declared for previous year incomes at a rate of 9 354 471 288 rbl.) the society in Adygea as it sets high morally - moral and business standards " has changed;. To renominate mister Sovmena the organisation of veterans of war and work of Adygea in which numbers consist more than 120 thousand persons has asked also. Veterans have declared that them have not invited to Dmitry Kozaka`s consultations of the public which passed on October, 2nd, therefore they could not express there the opinion (under data , among invited then public men there were five veterans, including two members of social council of the given organisation).

In the device of plenipotentiary representation of the president of the Russian Federation in JUFO from official comments concerning the reference Adyge hase have refused. Here have only reminded that representatives of this organisation prisutstvovovali on consultations of Dmitry Kozakom and did not state in due time any claims against candidates discussed there. One of the high-ranking officials in JUFO has declared : Given public relations - campaign is planned by unscrpulous officials from administration Hazreta Sovmena to save up the armchairs . With such judgement it agree the deputy of the State Council - Hase, the chairman of the Union of Slavs of Adygea Nina Konovalova. At meeting of the cabinet of republic with participation of ministers of culture, formation and public health services of the head of these departments have received concrete instructions to collect signatures in support of Sovmena - madam Konovalova confirms. As she said, many teachers, being afraid of prosecutions from presidential administration, appended the signatures under the reference, at all without seeing the message text.

it is interesting that on the eve of session Adyge hase in Maikop the meeting of national public associations of Adygea, devoted to discussion of nominees on a post of the president of Adygea has taken place. The opinion of participants of this meeting concerning advantages of mister Sovmena has appeared at all so unanimous, as at active workers Adyge hase . So, head of the Tatar society Duslyk Aljam Iljasov has declared that the republic economy leaves much to be desired . The chairman of branch of the Union of Armenians of Russia Grachik Gadzhjan has noticed that Adygea stays in poverty, and the co-chairman of the organisation Nafna (rendering assistance to repatriates sets as the purpose - adygam which want to return home) Asker Namitokov has reproached with the president that fact that there are no tendencies to inflow of investments into republic economy .

Diana Dadasheva