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George Bush hopes for the enemy help

Yesterday the commission on situation studying in Iraq, engaged in development of new strategy of the USA in relation to this country, has held meetings with the president George Bush and its nearest employees. The day before the White house has let know that does not exclude attraction possibility to conditions settlement in Iraq of Iran and Syria. It is expected that it becomes the main clause of the commission which will present the definitive conclusions in December. Meanwhile the democrats receiving in January, 2007 control over the congress, have already declared that the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq becomes their main task.
on Sunday that now after a victory of democrats on congressional elections and resignations of the head of the Pentagon Donald Ramsfeld strategy of the USA in Iraq will be inevitably changed again has proved to be true. Acting on air of TV channel CNN, one of the nearest colleagues of the American president and the head of its administration Dzhoshua Bolten has declared that the White house is opened for any ideas, concerning ways of settlement of a situation in Iraq. present conditions in Iraq suit nobody, - mister Bolten recognised. - it is absolutely clear that the fresh approach to a problem " is required to us;.

As one of such approaches the republican administration, apparently, for quite some time now considers attraction possibility to the Iraq settlement of neighbouring countries, Iran and Syria which Washington has included in a harm axis also accuses of support of extremist movement Hezbollah . Answering a question on readiness of mister Bush to resort in Iraq to the help of Teheran and Damascus, mister Bolten has answered that the administration will consider all variants . It is literally next day in support of more serious participation of Iran and Syria in discussion of the future Iraq the main ally of the president Bush on antisaddamovskoj coalitions the British prime minister Tony Blair has expressed also.

thus and George Bush`s main ally in Iraq, and the head of its administration have refused flatly an establishment of the exact schedule of a withdrawal of troops of a coalition from Iraq. nobody wants a withdrawal of troops therefrom more than the president Bush, - has noted, in particular, Dzhoshua Bolten. - But our armies should support the Iraq government while we will not make sure that it consults without us. As soon as we can, armies will be deduced therefrom .

About the same the head of the White House, vice-president Dick Cheney and US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice spoke yesterday at a meeting with committee-men on situation studying in this country. To the middle of December the commission founded by the congress in the spring under the chairmanship of republican James Bejkera, were the state secretary at Bush - the senior, and eks - Whether congressman from democrats of Hamilton, should present the recommendations about the further strategy of the USA in Iraq.

today before the commission along with Tony Blair with whom will communicate on the video bridge, should act and the democrats supervising in the congress and its committees questions of foreign policy. However, their sight at the Iraq problem is known for a long time. Even in the summer democrats introduced bills of a gradual withdrawal of American troops from Iraq twice, but the congress supervised by republicans blocked these initiatives. With a victory on elections of democrats the situation has cardinally exchanged. And though representatives parties of donkeys Promised to wait with promotion of new initiatives concerning Iraq to definitive conclusions of the commission, past Sunday at once a little visible senators - democrats have declared that with congress transition under control of democrats in January of the next year the conclusion of the American military men from Iraq becomes the main task. to begin a gradual conclusion it is necessary during following four - six months - the senator from the State of Michigan and the future head of committee of the congress of affairs of armed forces Charles Levin has noted, in particular, in interview ABC News. the purpose of they be to let to Iraqis know that to our sight liabilities the end has come and they should solve the problems - senator Levin later in other interview has added. And senator Harry Rejd, the future leader of the senatorial majority, also has at all supported that the withdrawal of American troops has begun in two months.