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The question price

South Ossetia marks results of just last referendum almost as reception of this of recognised republic by nobody in the United Nations. Actually a little that will change Sunday voting in respect of achievement of an overall objective of South Ossetia - receptions is international recognised independence. And about it, seemingly, if do not speak aloud then guess in the republic. After all the referendum was very similar to representation, besides not too well prepared and executed.
that has enough acknowledgement. The decision on referendum carrying out was accepted only two months ago. The question which has been taken out on voting, has been obviously formulated in haste for sounds rather strange: whether you Agree so that South Ossetia has kept the present status of the independent state and has been recognised by the international community? If South Ossetia the independent state it should be already recognised, and time is not recognised, its independence virtual. And the question on the international recognition is more logical for putting not before the population of South Ossetia, and before a management and parliaments of the foreign states.

referendum preparation was accompanied by standard attributes - exposure of artful plots against a management of South Ossetia and capture of the Georgian saboteurs. The result of will could be guessed long before its carrying out (an order of 99 % - for). As however and negative reaction to a referendum from the West which has let know clearly that South Ossetia can spend from tens such votings, their practical effect will appear same, that is zero.

then what for the authorities of South Ossetia suddenly undertook the referendum organisation? And why Moscow does not try to hide at all the sympathies for this action though continues to declare a recognition of territorial integrity of Georgia?

the referendum has passed in South Ossetia during the moment when the West is occupied by advancement of independence of one more formation - Kosovo and will persistently try to persuade Russia to it not to oppose. Moscow (anyway at level of official statements) disagrees with independence of Kosovo, but also desire to prevent it at any cost too does not show.

Russia would like to use the auction round the status of Kosovo in the purposes. The logic here is simple: time of Kosovo can be independent, means, on same can count and unrecognized republics on territories of the CIS. And still: the West supposedly can dispose in, European, to an ancestral lands which Kosovo concerns also, and Russia will manage in the ancestral lands - Post-Soviet.

However, all it does not mean yet that Moscow recognises independence of South Ossetia (and together with it and Abkhazia with Dnestr region) right after recognitions the West of independence of Kosovo. For Russia where it is more favourable, easier and more safe to keep a present situation when unrecognized republics perfectly carry out a role of trumps in game of Moscow on the post-Soviet territory.