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The general plan will adhere to the budget

the Project of the general plan of Volgograd, developed NPI Enko (St.-Petersburg), has passed public hearings, however representatives of the regional authorities declare about it trudnorealizuemosti. In the document volumes of building of transport networks, in their opinion, " are put; very heavy for gorbjudzheta . Authors of the project consider that in the general plan it is necessary to put the maximum parametres of development effectively to demand under them financing from budgets of all levels. Past Sunday public hearings under the project of the general layout of Volgograd, developed NPI " have taken place; Enko . It is calculated for the term up to 2025 and assumes scale reorganisation cities. we accented development of the transport infrastructure stimulating economic development - Olga Krasovsky has explained the main architect of the project. In quality high lights Transformations main - a street network of a city creation meridianalnogo the transport corridor uniting the Third and Second longitudinal highways is supposed, and on last continuous movement from a dam to the State university will be organised. Also construction " is registered; zero longitudinal Volga continuing quay in a southern direction. Among other scale changes - line prolongation metrotrama up to the State university. the accent is made on a policy resursosberezhenija and modernisation of engineering systems, - the madam Krasovsky has noted. - the Most radical in this respect change - carrying over of treatment facilities from island Hungry in a city for liquidation of dump of drains to Volga . The project also provides a conclusion of a part of the industrial enterprises for a city boundaries and building of the released territories. The declared actions assume dynamics of development comparable to rates of Moscow, and budgetary security of the Muscovite and the inhabitant of Volgograd raznitsja in 47 times, - the chairman kontrolno - Audit Chamber Volgograd gordumy Vladimir Gordin has declared. - All know, how the second turn metrotrama " long is under construction;. It, according to mister Gordina, calls into question general plan realisation. The main architect of the Volgograd region Alexander Vjazmin has agreed with it also. It is necessary to reconsider those parts of the general plan which realisation will lay down on the budget, - mister Vjazmin considers. - Development of a transport infrastructure demands building about 400 km of roads, annually go building about 500 sq. m of habitation, such rates Volgograd was under construction only in 80 - e years .
Yesterday the project has considered the regional town-planning council which has taken out a number of remarks. It is necessary to designate accurately, on what territories the enterprises will be transferred, - Alexander Vjazmin considers. - completion aspects of development of adjacent territories where carrying out of factories unpleasant for Volgograd, dumps, cemeteries " is planned Demand;. He also has noticed that trading - the entertaining centres zaproektirovany in each area, and parks and green plantings are not present. As mister Vjazmin has noted, council recommended to transmit on real money objects of the cores kapvlozheny. In administration have found it difficult to estimate cost of transport innovations, however according to experts Volgogradgrazhdanproekta building of one large traffic intersection can cost nearby 1,5 mlrd roubles.
now it is impossible to count cost of the actions planned on realisation within 20 years, - the co-author of the project Lev Sverdlin considers. - It is necessary to put the maximum parametres of development to demand under them financing from budgets .
As a result the town-planning council has decided to recommend the project to the coordination gordumoj, taking into account the remarks brought in it.
Elena Pashutinsky