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“ Nidan “ will take place in own juice

to Shareholders sokovoj the companies “ Nidan “ and it was not possible to agree about its sale of company PepsiCo. On Friday “ Nidan “ declared that plans to place at the Russian stock exchange to 49 % of actions, having gained for them to $350 million Analytics notice that the transaction has not taken place, as shareholders “ Nidana “ have overestimated the company twice. By data „“, PepsiCo has already found new object for absorption: till the end of the year she can declare purchase of the leader Russian sokovogo the market - Open Society “ Lebedjansky “ (Lipetsk region). Past Friday the general director of Open Society “ Nidan Juice “ Andrey Yanovsky officially declared that in the spring of next year the company “ plans to place at a stock exchange to 49 % of the actions “. As he said, the corresponding decision of shareholders does not mean that all package will be “ it is offered at once during IPO “ Which will pass on the Russian platform. As has specified the chief executive of a group of companies “ Nidan “ Olga Yeremeyev, will define placing terms market condition. “ if RTS index is falling or simultaneously with us too many companies from food sector IPO can be will take place and is postponed “ - Yeremeyev`s madam has explained.

shareholders “ Nidana “ count that the company will estimate proceeding from its capitalisation at a rate of $600 - 700 million that, according to Olga Eremeevoj, almost twice above a today`s estimation sokovogo group divisions. Under the information „“, anderrajterami IPO will act investment company “ the Three Dialogue “ or UFG.

Open Society “ Nidan Juice “ enters into the four of leaders of the Russian market of juice from shares of 18 %. A turn in 2005 - $211,8 million Own the company “ Nidan the Gross “ (Moscow Region) and “ Nidan Ekofrukt “ (Novosibirsk). benefitsiarami Nidan Holding Igor Shilov (55 % of actions), Leonid Shajman (35 %), Chaba Baler Lajosh (10 %) are final. According to analysts to spend IPO owners of the company have solved after transactions on sale " have broken; Nidana “ to the basic strategic investors Russian sokovogo the market - PepsiCo and “ Vimm - the Bill - Dann “. “ the Information on negotiations on company sale at first PepsiCo, and later „- the Bill - Dannu“ was exaggerated by Vimm in the market all last year, - Tatyana Kapustin has reminded an analyst of investment company “ΐςξν“. - most likely, the parties have not agreed on price “. According to madam Kapustinoj, proceeding from current market indicators taking into account company growth this year, “ Nidan “ can be estimated in $400 - 450 million “ Shareholders plan to gain for it almost in one and a half time more “ - she has noted.

Under the information „“, a principal cause on which PepsiCo has refused acquisition “ Nidana “ - the beginning of negotiations about purchase of the leader Russian sokovogo the market - Open Society “ Lebedjansky “. As has informed a source in Coca - Cola, familiar with a situation, “ active negotiations go in Lipetsk where the basic active of the company - „Lebedjansky sokovyj factory“ " is located;. Under its data, sokovyj business “ Lebedjansky “ the buyer estimates in $1,5 mlrd that a little above, than exchange cost of the company which, proceeding from market quotations, makes today about $1,4 billion According to the source, can be declared the transaction in the near future.

“ such information, really, extends a month at level of average management and “Lebedjansky“, and PepsiCo but while any official announcement from a management of both companies even at internal level it has not been made “ - the owner of the company " has informed; the Tsar - Hailstones “ Dmitry Alefanov. Yesterday in a press - holding service “ Lebedjansky “ and at head office PepsiCo have denied the information on possible sale of the company. Meanwhile analysts consider purchase “ Lebedjansky “ enough logical for PepsiCo. Last year its basic competitor Coca - Cola has got the player number two on Russian sokovom the market - the company “ Multon “ and now PepsiCo it is necessary to make a reciprocal course. “ it is no wonder that Pepsi has made the choice in favour of “Lebedjansky“, - the analyst of financial corporation “Σπΰλρθα“ Andrey Nikitin has noted. - “Nidan“ though is included into the four of leaders of the market, but at the same time is the focused player: it has strong brands not in all segments sokovogo the market and it not so is full presented in regions, as “Lebedjansky“ “.

Svetlana Mentjukova