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such mayor is not necessary To us

Yesterday the Voronezh governor Vladimir Kulakov the first of regional leaders has supported idea of appointment of heads of the regional centres, containing in the bill of group of deputies - United Russia party members of the State Duma. As argument for a direct control of Voronezhem it has resulted unsatisfactory work of mayor Boris Skrynnikova. According to political scientists, performance of mister Kulakova bares an essence of the offered bill: in exchange for reduction of own powers in favour of municipalities of head of subjects of federation wish to take over the control of regional capitals. During yesterday`s dialogue with the press the governor - United Russia party member Vladimir Kulakov has supported amendments to the law on the local government, brought by group of deputies and now being on consideration in the State Duma. United Russia party members have suggested to grant to subjects of the Russian Federation the right to solve, whether to carry out local government in regional capitals on city level or only on intracity territories, that is, as a matter of fact, to cancel or not elections of mayors of capital cities.

till last moment the bill received only negative responses from town governors. The mayor of Voronezh Boris Skrynnikov too has scarified it, having declared that the idea of local government is in that case called into question and naming the regional power a weak link between the federal authority and local government. The leader an United Russia the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov at a yesterday`s meeting with mayors has designated a party line on local government protection, in particular - has supported increase in tax base, that municipal unions became self-sufficient . However, before occurrence of the bill a number of governors repeatedly supported a principle of appointment of heads of the regional centres.

Vladimir Kulakov gave reason for the position, having given an example unsatisfactory work Boris Skrynnikova, which does not listen at all to opinion of the provincial authorities. As mister Kulakov believes, all mayors consider themselves restrained while governors count on support of municipal unions, proceeding from priorities of development of economy of region as a whole and according to the current legislation. Goradministratsija demands from the regional budget 1 mlrd roubles on subsidising of an intertariff difference on housing and communal services, Vladimir Kulakov has told. But, as he said, the regional authorities will be to finance an intertariff difference only who does not have not enough money for clothes and a food . As a whole in the regional budget of next year it will be put 500 - 600 million roubles on support needy - head of area summarised.

any initiative of regional administration is perceived in the mayoralty led by the leader of regional branch of Party of life as the initiative of United Russia party members, considers the governor. It has given an example inefficiencies of the mayor - a policy: I already declared that Skrynnikov cannot allocate year a site under building of swimming pool of well-known diver Dmitry Sautina, including the initiative proceeding from the party in power .

As other argument in favour of a principle of appointment of mayors of the regional centres mister Kulakov has cited the data of last poll of the townsmen spent by local institute of public opinion Kvalitas on a theme: If elections have taken place during coming week-end for whom you would vote? Vladimir Kulakova has revolted that, according to poll, Galina Kudryavtsev who is the old opponent of the provincial authorities would become the mayor the deputy gordumy. unless it the business executive? I am assured that such mayor is not necessary to us - the governor has declared.

Kudryavtsev`s madam has rigidly enough reacted to the statement of mister Kulakova. Vladimir Kulakov for six years of a management of area has started agrarian and industrial complex and could not cope with own device which experts recommended to it to reduce to 80 % where it still to charge itself with city problems?! - she has declared, having added that recommends to the governor to think of more important question: as it is beautiful to leave. On its belief, the approach to heads of municipalities of a principle do not obey - we will deprive of financing antikonstitutsionen also can turn back against it: The governor reminds me a fly who bites all successively, without reflecting that her can slam .

Zamgendirektora of the Center of political technologies Sergey Mikheyev is convinced that the public statement of mister Kulakova bares a political essence of the offered amendments: at the expense of acceptance of the bill governors aspire to compensate reduction of volume of own powers according to the law on the general principles of local government and to suppress the resistance centres . The analyst has not excluded that bill acceptance - an agreement part between the Kremlin and regions, and all mayors - oppositionists, thanks to acceptance of amendments, will be deprived the posts.

Konstantin Chaplin; Andrey Chervakov