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Victor Tarhov distributes debts

Yesterday the first zamglavy Samaras Sergey Arsentev named to journalists of a surname of new heads of departments of the mayoralty and heads of disctricts of the city. Many posts were received by natives from financially - the industrial groups supporting on elections of the mayor of Victor Tarhova who has won campaign. Analysts believe that in due course in this command of managers there can be the conflicts connected with crossing of interests of the town governor and their former employers. Yesterday on a press - conferences the first zamglavy Samaras Sergey Arsentev named to journalists of a surname of the majority of heads of structural divisions goradministratsii, appointed during last two weeks. As he said, the command of new mayor Victor Tarhova (it was selected on October, 22nd) up to the end is not generated. The official has told that posts receive the people having experience of economic, administrative work . However experts already have noticed other law traced in many appointments: posts get to representatives financially - the industrial structures supporting mister Tarhova on elections. It is a question of the enterprises which some years ago have united in so-called Antantu achieving displacement of former mayor George Limansky: ADS Volgopromgaz GK JUICE Open Society Volgaburmash .
So, representatives " became heads of the Samara and Lenin disctricts of the city; gas a lobby: the director Samaraagropromhima Alexander Adamov and the general director of Open Company the Samara business centre Oleg Azarov (its brother the general director of Open Company Sredne - the Volga gas company Dmitry Azarov is appointed by one of two first zamglavy cities). The Kirov and Krasnoglinsky areas were headed by natives from GK JUICE The assistant to the speaker gordumy and eks - the vice-president of JUICE Vitaly Ilyin Vladimir Vyvodtsev and eks - the manager of JUICE Valery Lamanov. By the head of Kuibyshev area the manager " is appointed; Volgaburmasha Michael Fomin. Only new heads of October and Industrial areas eks - Sergey Arsenteva Anna Virjuzhsky`s assistant and the deputy chief operatively - search management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area Vladimir Tchernyshev, seemingly, are not connected with one of FPG. Heads of Railway and Soviet disctricts of the city are not appointed Yet. According to mister Arsenteva, definition of heads there - a question these and following weeks . It is necessary to notice that natives of the enterprises Antanty have received posts not only in regional administrations: the first zamgendirektora Joint-Stock Company " became the head of department of transport; JUICE - the Trance Alexander Tveretsky, and zamglavy under the finance is appointed the first zamgendirektora by Sredne - the Volga gas company Yury Kuzjutin.
People when - that where - that worked for all of us, - Sergey Arsentev has answered charges of opponents that the command is formed of representatives FPG actively participating in overthrow of the former head of Samara of George Limansky. - In a city the industry is developed enough, and we involve in the new power of people which have experience of administrative work . At us is not present and there will be no principle which was earlier when the person should be, in - the first, nonresident, in - the second, the military man - he has noted, hinting that the command of former mayor George Limansky in the majority has been generated from its former bodyguards. The official hopes that time comes to the mayoralty people not poor, means, they will fairly work for the blessing of a city and if someone tries to take a bribe, the relation will be exclusively negative, there will be no situation which was earlier - this person, it will be protected .
Nevertheless, experts consider that, carrying out appointments, Victor Tarhov pays off with the sponsors for the help on elections. FPG struggled with Limansky not one year and have in this time spent for means war many times exceeding the size of the city budget, - political scientist Dmitry Lobojko considers. - it is obvious that it is necessary to return money, and Tarhov on elections became the political investment project Antanty . By its estimation, forming a team from natives from FPG, Victor Tarhov puts the potential conflict . actually new heads of areas are put in a situation when they are servants of two misters: on the one hand - the mayor, with another - their former heads. As soon as it that will divide, in administration can begin drachka, - the political scientist believes. - I do not exclude that the first conflicts can begin by the end of this year - to the following beginning when the active phase of elections in gubdumu and interests of participants " will begin; Antanty will be crossed .
These charges decided - opposite, it is assured the head of the regional organisation of Association in protection of the rights of voters the Voice Lyudmila Kuzmin. In its opinion, overall performance of officials is defined not by their accessory to this or that group, and formation, experience and desire to work . I am happy with that there the formed youth, instead of those people who worked at Limansky when in administration there was a group of 15 representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which works we did not see .
Lilija Abdullina