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Disconnect, but exclude

In the order the list of the Petersburg enterprises excluded by officials of committee on economic development, the industrial policy and trade from " has got; the Drawing of time switching-off on 2006/ 2007 . 54 enterprises have got To the document, basically military - an industrial complex for which account earlier during power frosts reduced loading on city networks. In Open Society the Petersburg marketing company are assured that now, in case of repetition of strong frosts, a power supply system of a city full breakdown waits.
after crisis in which a city power supply system povergli last year`s frosts, the Petersburg power company (PSK) together with committee on power and engineering maintenance has made the list of the enterprises of which in case of repetition of a similar situation are waited by switching-off or power supply restriction. It is necessary that all city has not remained without electricity in case loading on a power supply system will reach a maximum. In total 1,5 thousand enterprises have got to the list. The part from them waits a blackout, others only partial restriction. The general power consumption of these companies makes 1,1 thousand MVt. Made energetikami the list has been sent on the coordination in all profile committees of the Petersburg government. The most essential editing in the document was brought by officials KERPPTa who have deleted from the offered list of 54 enterprises, basically military - the industrial complex, capable to lower loading on 177 MVt.
KERPPT has suggested to exclude from the enterprise list on which stability of work of a power supply system of region substantially depends. The list of exceptions included the organisations, to limit which owing to the technological reasons it is possible as fast as possible - general director PSK Michael Zavorovsky has commented on a situation. According to the mister Zavorovsky, the impossibility operatively lower loading on a network can to lead to crash all power supply system of region. we have already written the corresponding letter to the governor - the mister Zavorovsky speaks. In PSK consider that the companies excluded from the list, simply used the lobbist possibilities in KERPPT. Officials of committee on economic development and trade have flatly refused as - or to make comments on a situation.
we will remind that last year during strong frosts of power limited quantity of the electric power consumed by the enterprises for some days. The volume of restrictions has made 400 MVt. Thus in PSK notice that enterprises VPK were the most disciplined at input a swagger - major limits. As a result of loss of city industrialists have made about 200 million roubles for day of switching-off. Probably, for this reason they any more do not wish to appear in the list of switching-off. The companies which have entered into the list of exceptions, did not begin to answer yesterday questions. Explanatories could give only on FGUP Factory of Klimov . We the chief engineer and main energetik wrote all year letters to all instances. Have reached even the governor of Petersburg of Valentina Matvienko. Here and result - have informed at factory. It is obvious that to the enterprises regularly paying the accounts for consumed loading, not clearly, for what reason they should lose annually money from - that city networks are in an inadequate condition.
will watch succession of events.
Boris Gorlin