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Rosgosstrakh in the Samara region has won tenders on DMS
the Samara branch of the company Rosgosstrakh has won the tender for voluntary medical insurance of employees of administration of city district Kinel. According to treaty provisions employees of administration will be insured under the complex program, including is out-patient - the polyclinic help, stomatology and a hospital. The responsibility limit under contract DMS has made 930 thousand rbl. Also the Samara branch of the company Rosgosstrakh has won a victory in the tender on DMS the Samara representation of Open Society Alpha bank . Employees of bank are insured for a period of one year under contracts of voluntary medical insurance under the complex program. The limit of responsibility of the insurance company has made more than 200 million rbl.
Alina Blinchikova

IFC invests 480 million rbl. in the action Kujbyshevazota
International Finance Corporation (IFC) has concluded from Open Society Kujbyshevazot (Tolyatti to the Samara region) the agreement on investment in its capital of 480 million rbl. the Purpose of investments - to promote growth of export of production with the high added cost and to improvement of access of the enterprise to long-term financing. Earlier, on January, 24th, 2008, extraordinary meeting of shareholders Kujbyshevazota has approved acquisition IFC of actions of the enterprise within 3,5 % of ordinary actions. The seller of actions will act as Open Company Kujbyshevazot - plus . The transaction price is established by board of directors at a rate of 480 million rbl. - from calculation 59 rbl. 34 copeck for the action. Open Society authorised capital stock Kujbyshevazot - 240 739 757 rbl. (23 7043 251 pieces of ordinary actions and 3 696 506 pieces of preference shares face value 1 rbl.) . Open Society Kujbyshevazot - the manufacturer and the exporter of nitric fertilizers and kaprolaktama; the manufacturer of polyamide, a cord and a technical thread. The largest shareholders for October, 1st, 2007 - Open Company Kujbyshevazot - plus (27,6 %), Open Company Aktivinvest (10,3 % affiliated structure of Open Society Kujbyshevazot ) . Export directions - Severo - East Asia, Europe, Latin America.

  the Car industry
Autovases has increased sales by 33 %
In February, 2008 in Russia is sold 46,2 thousand cars of manufacture the Autovase that on 33,5 % above an indicator for the similar period of 2007. Realisation of cars of family Lada Kalina in February, 2008 has made 7,5 thousand units. Following the results of January - February, 2008 it is sold 13,5 thousand these cars that on 68 % exceeds realisation volume for the similar period of 2007. In total following the results of two months 2008 in Russia it is realised more than 92,8 thousand cars of manufacture of Open Society Autovases that on 17,5 thousand, or on 23,2 % there is more than indicator for the same period of previous year. In January - February, 2008 of sale of cars on the basic families have made: Lada Samara - 25,3 thousand piece, Lada 2105/ 2107 - 25 thousand piece, Lada Priora - 14,5 thousand piece Lada 111/ 112 - 11,5 thousand piece, Lada Kalina - 13,4 thousand piece, Lada 4x4 - 3,1 thousand piece For two months 2008 for export it has been put more than 15,9 thousand cars Lada that on 21,1 % above an indicator for the similar period of 2007.
Artem Sherstnev

Lada will equip with climatic systems
In the second quarter 2008 of Autovases will start to equip cars Lada with climatic systems serially. This option will appear on families Lada Kalina and Lada. Priora For cars Lada Kalina and LadaPriora different models of climatic systems are provided. As informs a press - the enterprise centre, on Lada Kalina firm Panasonic equipment will be established, and for Lada Priora climatic systems of marks Halla and Panasonic are prepared. The cars equipped with these options, have passed a complex of necessary tests in various regions of Russia.
TLT Times

the Authorities of Samara has cut down budget expenses on service of credits
Administration of Samara almost twice has cut down budget expenses on service of credits. It became possible thanks to carrying out of open competitions for choice the credit organisations. In 2007 the crediting rate has made 8 % whereas earlier, at former administration, it equaled 13 - 15 %. In competitions took part to 5 banks. Besides, instead of standard crediting of city administration demand lines of credit are now given. According to the assistant to the head of Samara - the head of department of the finance Andrey Prjamilova, in case of cash ruptures at execution of the budget banks agree to react operatively and to give within the limits of the long demand line of credit of means under low interests for the short period of time . Decrease in budgetary expenses has allowed, including to reduce a municipal debt only in 2007 on 210 million rbl. For January, 1st, 2008 it has made 1 mlrd 490 million rbl. that has made 15 % from volume of own incomes of the budget. If in the beginning of 2007 this percentage parity equaled 24 on the end of February, 2008 the relation of a municipal debt to volume of own incomes of the budget makes already 11 %. According to the Budgetary code, it testifies to liquidity of the city budget and stability of a financial system of Samara. News agency REGNUM -