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Resort administration have convicted of corruption

Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Southern federal district (GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on JUFO) has informed yesterday that the mayor - a resort Kislovodsk Vitaly Birjukov is suspected of participation in reception of a large bribe. On Friday the city court has arrested its assistant Alexander Belokonja who has received more than 6 million rbl. for allocation of the ground areas. One of assistants to the mayor heading also management of architecture and town-planning of Kislovodsk, Alexander Belokonja, according to representatives GU the Ministries of Internal Affairs on JUFO, have detained at reception of a bribe by the sum of 6,43 million rbl. This very day concerning mister Belokonja criminal case about bribe reception in especially large size (ch has been brought. 4 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), and the court authorised arrest of the official. Operation employees GU who have arrived from Rostov-on-Don have spent the Ministry of Internal Affairs on JUFO which till the late evening withdrew documents from an office of mister Belokonja and from other divisions of the mayoralty of Kislovodsk.

As have explained in law enforcement bodies, a bribe the head of department of architecture has demanded for the signature on the permission about allocation of 26 hundred parts of the earth around mountain Kazachka. This ground is in immediate proximity from Resort parkway and Narzannoj of gallery. According to police officers, mister Belokon for $1 million offered also 1 hectare of the earth directly in Resort park which is the federal property.

yesterday heads GU the Ministries of Internal Affairs on JUFO have declared that corruption scandal can concern and the mayor of Kislovodsk Vitaly Birjukov, as it has led to the assistant to the person from whom that has demanded a bribe .

mister Birjukov has been selected by the Mayor of Kislovodsk in March, 2006. Before it worked fulfilling duties of the head of Lenin area of Stavropol and was considered as Dmitry Kuzmin`s person (eks - the mayor of Stavropol who is now in search). The mayor of Kislovodsk as well as the mayor of Stavropol, consisted at first in life Party, and then and in Fair Russia .

Practically from the very beginning of activity of mister Birjukova on a post of the mayor it was exposed to criticism from governor Alexander Tchernogorov and the edge government, including for earth squandering in Resort park and for chaotic building cities - a resort. This criticism has especially become tougher after criminal cases concerning Dmitry Kuzmin and the speaker of the Stavropol regional thought Andrey Utkin have been raised. In the end of December governor Tchernogorov has declared that position in a city - a resort depressing, and has appointed there the curator from the regional government - the former public prosecutor of edge Valery Kalugina.

Vitaly Birjukov was inaccessible yesterday to comments. In its reception have declared that the mayor on departure and it is not known, when it will be. Earlier mister Birjukov concerned all claims philosophically. Anyway, at all meetings where lists of infringements were shown to it, mister Birjukov declared that the city develops dynamically and struggles with objective difficulties. In turn, the first deputy of the head of administration of Kislovodsk Vladimir Sabko has declared that last year complex financial check was already spent to administrations, which has not revealed gross infringements performed by the budget and an expenditure of means .

Alexander Larintseva, Kislovodsk