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“ an United Russia “ loses control

Sverdlovsk “ an United Russia “ can lose the constitutional majority in the lower chamber of regional parliament. Yesterday the regional election committee declared results of elections of the regional Duma which have taken place on March, 2nd - from 14 mandates on 2 have received the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and LDPR. Taking into account that now the opposition can collect in a thought not less than 10 mandates from 28 at quorum of 19 persons, she can achieve from the party in power of compromises, blocking work of new parliament. However, experts doubt that it will manage to be consolidated, as previous attempts of association of efforts have appeared ineffectual. Elections in the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly consisting of two chambers (top and bottom) have passed simultaneously with presidential - on March, 2nd. This day have been selected under party lists as rotation 14 of 28 deputies of regional Duma, and also 21 deputy - odnomandatnik in the House of Representatives (PPZS, the upper chamber). All mandates of deputies PPZS have got to official promoted workers “ an United Russia “. The unique intrigue to the last remained in Kirovsk election district Ή 6. As earlier wrote „“, all three opponents put forward here “ an United Russia “ the president of a network “ Kirov “ the nominees tried to remove Igor Kovpak from elections. By the evening on February, 29th when expired the term taken away by the law for removal from elections, had time to cancel the registration self-promoted worker Andrey Druzhinin and the put forward LDPR Boris Dunaev. To join competitors last contender of mister Kovpak - Jacob Nevelev but so it and has not made (in case there is no competitiveness of process, in district re-elections are appointed) was ready also. Following the results of voting eks - the leader “ Fair Russia “ Jacob Nevelev has conceded to Igor Kovpak ξκξλξ19 % of voices.

in a regional thought where five parties - " stood; an United Russia “ The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR, “ Fair Russia “ and “ Civil force “ the intrigue remained up to yesterday. Still late at night on Sunday when from regional election committee the first results began to arrive, on the verge of passage balanced “ Fair Russia “ about 7 % and “ Civil force “ about 6 %. From, whether it will be possible though one of them to overcome 7 % - yj a barrier, the quantity of mandates which will get to LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (at that point in time at each of them was an order 10 - 11 %) depended.

As told to the correspondent „“ in a staff of communists, for party it was extremely important to receive a minimum two mandates. It allowed them to generate for the first time in a thought of new convocation the fraction. For this purpose in a thought should be not less than three deputies from communists (under rotation procedure the leader of local branch Vladimir Krasnolobov has not got). However, as recognise in Sverdlovsk branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, special hopes of it at them were not - “ United Russia “ has not arranged partspisok the communists, consisting of candidates rigidly opposing of regional executive power (the three first places in it occupied Andrey Alshevsky, George Persky and Evgenie Artjuh). As allies of United Russia party members in struggle against communists have acted and spravorossy.

But as a result communists have typed 12, 2 % of voices. The LDPR, which list were headed by party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has outstripped them almost on 4 % (16, 07 %). “ an United Russia “ has received 58, 43 % of votes that is for party the highest indicator for all time of participation in regional elections. “ fair Russia “ has not sufficed for overcoming of a seven-percentage barrier very little - 0,74 %. Result “ Civil force “ - 4,04 %. As a result, as has specified yesterday on a press - conferences the head of regional election committee Vladimir Mostovshchikov, 14 mandates will be distributed as follows: on two will receive the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and LDPR, 10 - “ United Russia “.

the First session of new parliament where questions of distribution of posts will be solved, will pass on March, 12th. Unlike last years it can develop uneasy for United Russia party members - in new structure of a thought the opposition can appear more strongly, than in last convocation. Before rotation United Russia party members supervised 19 of 28 deputies (taking into account loyal members of parliament from other parties). Now the opposition intends to unite not less than 10 deputies (on three from “ the Russian party of pensioners “ and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, on two - from LDPR and “ the Russian party of life “ (RPZH)). “ After last elections (have passed in October, 2006 - „“) to opposition parties has not got any portfolio in a thought - representatives ER, having used the constitutional majority, have distributed them among themselves. Now we intend to achieve appointment vitse - the speaker of the representative of incorporated opposition, and also redistribution to own advantage portfolios of heads of a part of the Duma committees “ - the leader of Sverdlovsk branch of LDPR Vladimir Taskaev confirms. “ Certainly, we had contradictions with some deputies selected from RPZH, but, think, during consultations we can develop uniform strategy on work in a thought “ - the leader of the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrey Alshevsky

However experts is assured are sceptical about idea of consolidation of opposition forces in a regional thought. They remind that RPZH, LDPR and “ pensioners “ after last elections also declared aspiration to work in one command, but to the compromise and have not come. Therefore, as observers consider, all will be limited to single alliances. “ for system consolidation of opposition support of elite and uniform idea is necessary. For example, last years it was consolidated by the authorities of Ekaterinburg on idea of protection of budgets of local government. Now elite “is built in“ “United Russia“. I think, the declared alliance will be scattered already after the first session of a thought - for this purpose to United Russia party members to give some posts to the most ambitious oppositionists " enough; - the chairman of the Ural guild of political advisers Konstantin Kiselyov has noted.

Alexander Lakedemonsky

In the Tyumen thought United Russia party members have received the qualified majority In a thought of a city of Tyumen of new convocation following the results of elections on March, 2nd there passes 31 candidate from party “ an United Russia “. In total in the Tyumen city parliament of 35 places. “ from party „Fair Russia“ passes three candidates and one more winner of voting is the self-promoted worker “ - have informed in municipal electoral committee. The representative of electoral committee has noticed that calculation of bulletins is almost finished. Thus, under its information, on elections in gordumu a considerable quantity of the spoilt bulletins is marked - on a number of districts their quantity reached 11 %. Elections are spent to a thought of Tyumen on 35 one-mandatory districts. On March, 2nd stood more than 90 candidates for city deputies.
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