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Gutseriev has developed appetite

As well as predicted in November of last year “ a firm Secret “ the owner “ Russnefti “ Michael Gutseriev, having received political cards - blansh, was engaged in aggressive buying up of the petrocompanies.
the Company “ Russneft “ has been based in 2002 and iznachalnoraspolagala by stocks of oil at the rate about 80 million tons. To κξνφσ2005 year it has finished the stocks to 600 million tons, and dobychuuvelichila from 1,5 million to 15 million tons. Following the results of 2004 MihailuGutserievu managed to deduce it in first ten on branch. Takierezultaty have been reached by active buying up nebolshihdobyvajushchih the enterprises in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region, the Tomsk region and the Volga region. According to the company, it has managed to it β$2 billion Financial support “ Russnefti “ rendered mezhdunarodnyjtrejder Glencore, for what has received from Gutseriev shares in nekotoryhpriobretennyh actives.

one of these days “ Russneft “ has got one more active of disgraced YUKOS-49 % of actions of Slovak pipeline company Transpetrol.

rather small private “ Russneft “ in total for three godastala the serious player (the Council of Federation Ή44/ 2005 see ). Now it is considered one of samyhdinamichno the developing oil companies in the country: only zaproshlyj year growth of its extraction has made more than 86 %. For three years “ Russneft “ has got over 30 companies and could increase extraction β10 time.

For development of the company Gutseriev uses all accessible emupoliticheskie resources to what acquisition " testifies also; Russneftju “ at YUKOS of 49 % of actions Transpetrol for $103 million By the way, the companies not vpervoj to buy actives from YUKOS. For last year “ Russneft “ and structures close to Gutseriev BINbanka uspelipriobresti at YUKOS of 50 % of shares in joint with Hungarian MOL Open Company “ Western - Malobalyksky “ 34 % - Open Company “ geojlbent “ 50 % - tatarskogooao “ Alnas “ and also a controlling stock of Yakut Open Society “ Sahaneftegaz “.

analysts do not have doubts that on these acquisitions of Gutserievpoluchil kindly at the highest political level. In advantage etogogovorit and that head MERT Herman Gref shortly doprovedenija the tender on sale of a share of YUKOS in Transpetrol napravilvlastjam Slovakia without which approval this transaction was bynevozmozhna, the letter on support “ Russnefti “.

By words Edward Sarkisov, the vice-president “ Russnefti “ on public relations, purchase Transpetrol - the first shagkompanii for the purpose of an exit on the foreign markets. Besides, kakzajavljal Gutseriev to a victory in the tender, a share in Transpetrolθνςεπερνΰ “ Russnefti “ in a context of cooperation with MOL. Vchastnosti, “ Russneft “ Intended to conclude with vengerskojkompaniej the long-term contract on delivery of oil on it NPZ. “ CHtobypostavljat oil on factory, it is favourable to us to have a pipe “ - otmechalgutseriev. And as Sarkisov, in 2006 " adds; Russneft “ for schetrealizatsii former strategy of active buying up neftepredprijatijplaniruet to reach extraction volumes in 25 million tons.

By the way, in December of last year, shortly before share purchase vslovatskoj the companies, “ Russneft “ has got at the multinational corporation - VR a number of actives, atakzhe NPZ “ Krasnodarekoneft “ at “ JUgnefteprodukta “. All posledniepokupki approach Gutseriev to realisation of its dream - to transformation “ Russnefti “ in vertically - the integrated company sgodovoj extraction to 100 million tons. Chosen “ Russneftju “ strategijuanalitik FIM Securities Dmitry Tsaregorodtsev schitaetdovolno the successful. As he said, absence any objazatelstvpered other shareholders allows Gutseriev to go on risks izakljuchat transactions with a long time of recovery of outlay.

Gutseriev`s Interests are not limited neftjankoj. So, one of these days “ a daughter “ under control to it PFK BIN has won competition nadoveritelnoe management with the right of the repayment of a share holding of Open Society “ Kurjanovsky “ - to one of the largest in Europe fruit-and-vegetable bazploshchadju 140 thousand in sq. m. it is clear that from this transaction PFK BIN, considered in the Moscow market of real estate very strong player, can derive considerable benefit.