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The shown appearance

the Appearance on presidential elections of Russia in a number of regions of the Ural federal district basically has surpassed indicators of December election campaign in the State Duma. Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region in which territory has voted about 92 % of voters became the unconditional leader. The outsider of struggle for an appearance - Sverdlovsk area with result of 58,95 %. On presidential elections in Ural Mountains traditionally high appearance. Traditionally from regions UrFo the highest indicators at the Tyumen nested doll . Here inhabitants of Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region have appeared the most active - on polling districts 92 % of voters that almost on 7 % more than on December, 2nd, on State Duma elections (84, 93 %) have come. The chairman okrizbirkoma Andrey Gibert has explained a difference weather conditions. in the spring people have more than enthusiasm to go to vote. Besides, the population always approaches to presidential elections " more responsibly; - it has explained.

In the south of the Tyumen region a selective appearance essentially more low (84, 08 %) though in a number of areas it came nearer to 100 %: in Yalutorovsk - 98, 52 %, Nizhnetavdinsky - 98, 14 %, Ishimsky - 97, 72 % and Jurginsky - 97, 21 %. On yesterday`s a press - conferences the head of regional election committee Igor Halin has noticed that on the average these indicators on 10 % exceed the data of parliamentary elections. Elections in HMAO have ended with result 78, 62 % (against state Duma - 67, 14 %). Such result became unexpected even for district administration: even before election campaign governor HMAO Alexander Filipenko put a problem - to provide not less than 70 % of an appearance .

In other regions UrFo electoral activity on presidential elections differed from state Duma a little. So, in the Chelyabinsk area on sites on Sunday 68, 02 % of voters, and in December - 67, 28 % have come. The first vitse - governor Andrey Kosilov at a briefing has told yesterday that for appearance maintenance of elections have tried to make a holiday, therefore near to sites lotteries and draws " were spent;. For the first time the election day in Chelyabinsk has ended with salute - has noted vitse - the governor.

and for the Kurgan region practice of carrying out of the celebratory actions dated for elections, has appeared unsuccessful - in comparison with parliamentary elections the appearance has decreased from 65,03 % to 63,78 %. Members of regional election committee have already shown discontent with this statistics and have accused premature celebrating of the Pancake week of low indicators. We will remind, in a number of regions including in Zauralye, have decided to shift its carrying out with 3 for March, 2nd, having arranged in the election day celebratory actions. all cultural - mass actions have been taken out basically in the centre, and people, having left the areas, any more did not begin to come back for voting. It has played the negative role - has declared on a press - conferences the chairman zauralskogo electoral committee Svetlana Gulkevich.

the Tendency of the Kurgan region has repeated also Sverdlovsk where the appearance has decreased about 60, 7 % in December to 58, 95 % in March. However in this case for a region management all were smoothed by other result - for the candidate for presidents of Russia of Dmitry Medvedev has voted an order of 70 %. It above, than at neighbours (in the Chelyabinsk area - 66 %, and in Kurgan - 64, 93 %).

Official results of presidential elections of Russia will be declared on March, 7th.

Nikolay Yablonsky, Olga Lobovikova, Anna Ponomareva, Chelyabinsk